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About us

connect and inform is the online portal of the German media and broadcast magazine MEDIEN BULLETIN.
mebucom stands for Media Business Community. The name says it all. Our website interlinks professionals, experts and companies in the media business and provides them with fast access to all relevant information. is not only addressing the players in the traditional broadcast industry but also all professionals in the new media area. is overlooking the whole range of the business chain – from the content production, processing and management to the multiplatform distribution and commercial exploitation. offers companies extensive opportunities to present themselves with their solutions, products and services. This can be done with a free basic account or with the fee-based premium account. More then 300 companies are using this service already. With a company account every company is perfectly connected to all relevant news and information on

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The premium account comes with differerent price patterns for customized use. Beside a yearly flatrate you can buy credit packages for single actions.

In close interaction with MEDIEN BULLETIN presents interesting topics faster and straight to the point. All news in relation to a certain company are easy to find. Our database offers fast, easy and detailed options for research.


MEDIEN BULLETIN is the only German speaking media and broadcast magazine with a comprehensive integrated crossmedia approach. MEDIEN BULLETIN - now 33 years on the market - covers complete value chains from the production to the processing, the management, the archiving, the playout and the distribution of multimedia content on different distribution channels.

MEDIEN BULLETIN has a strong focus on convergence subjects like the growing influence of telecommunications, information technology and Internet on the broadcasting business.

MEDIEN BULLETIN reports about experts, decision makers and companies in the media and broadcast industry, about the newest technologies, products and solutions, about all related economic and content based aspects as well as about the media policy and regulatory framework conditions - always with a close view to international developments.

With this MEDIEN BULLETIN offers the widest spectrum of subjects in the area of media and broadcast magazines.


frequency of publication: 8 issues per year
printed circulation: 4.800
readers per copy: 3,2
total audience: 15.136 per copy