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About us – mebucom & mebulive


  • is the news- and networking platform of the international broadcasting community.
  • mebucom stands for Media Business Community. The name says it all. The B2B plantform interlinks professionals, experts and companies in the media business and provides them with fast access to all relevant information.
  • is not only addressing the players in the traditional broadcasting, film and video production industry but also everyone who produces, edits, manages, exploits and distributes digital content. This includes the new providers of IPTV, Web TV or mobile TV content and streaming services as well as telecommunications and information technology companies active in the media and entertainment business.
  • mebucom positions itself as a communication and information exchange and combines topics from production, technology, business and media politics.
    The focus is on efficient workflows and business models based on innovative technologies. A further focus is on the use of new technologies in live production.
  • is overlooking the whole range of the business chain – from the content production, processing and management to the multiplatform distribution and commercial exploitation.
  • As a news aggregator, mebucom presents the most important future topics of the media and entertainment world. The extensive mebucom database offers fast, detailed research possibilities on people, companies, products and developments. With short videos and live streaming offers, mebucom is expanding its range of information.
  • mebucom is bilingual. (German) offers German-language information with a country focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (English) addresses in particular the other European countries, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. serves a wider range of topics than The German website takes a holistic view of media development with technologies and business. The English version focuses more on products, solutions and business activities in the regions mentioned.
  • In the community area, mebucom offers companies extensive opportunities to present their solutions, products and services. A free basic entry and a premium entry are offered for a fee.
  • To use the Premium Account, three price packages with a term of 12 months each are available:
    1st package: Annual flat rate 1.600 Euro, any number of job offers or company news can be posted
    2nd package: 600 Euro: (3 job offers or 6 company news)
    3rd package: 250 Euro (1 job offer or 2 company news)

mebulive – Live Production Edition

  • mebulive is published by mebulive Verlag in Munich.

  • mebulive reports mainly about live production and media business. The relevance of innovative technical solutions for economic and programming issues is the main focus.

  • mebulive will appear in 2021 with two editions - before and after the major broadcast fairs NAB and IBC.

  • The following will be presented: production service providers, new tools, systems and production methods, trends, visions and positions as well as reports on major live production events from the worlds of culture and sport.

  • mebulive looks at complete value chains from creation, editing, distribution, management, archiving, playout to the distribution of multimedia content through the various distribution channels.

  • mebulive has a strong focus on disruptive innovations, on convergence issues in the interaction of telecommunications, information technology and Internet and broadcasting, and on the growing influence of IT and IP technology on broadcasting, new workflows and business models.

  • mebulive is also offered as e-magazines with interactive functions

  • mebulive cooperates with (German) and (English). The internet portal connects professionals, experts and companies from the world of digital media with each other, offering them fast access to relevant, up-to-date information and the archive of mebulive Production and MEDIEN BULLETIN.