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Aximmetry offers virtual studio software for free

Aximmetry offers virtual studio software for free

First time exhibitor at IBC this year is Aximmetry Technologies (stand 3.A14). The company is releasing its new Studio Edition for free during IBC 2018 only. Visitors registering during the exhibition receive their own Aximmetry Studio software license (normal retail price: 499 EUR).

Aximmetry’s ambition is to make high-end, broadcast quality virtual studio software technology accessible to small TV stations, Youtubers and Vloggers. We are excited to gift this piece of great technology to IBC visitors for Free during the show.

Using the software, professional content with advanced 3D graphics (HDR, depth-of-field, realistic shadows, reflections, refractions) can be produced even from a living room. Aximmetry Studio’s highly flexible graphics programming interface enables users to create broadcast quality content even with just one fixed camera and a gamers PC by construction of interactive scenes and effects utilising virtual lights, virtual camera movements and Augmented Reality.

Aximmetry Studio is an all-in-one solution including its own Chroma Keyer. No need to buy separate modules and extensions for 2D graphics, 3D virtual studio, video wall display, projection – the software includes all of them. 3D models can be imported into Aximmetry from all well-known modelling software through COLLADA format. Content created in Aximmetry Studio can be live-streamed directly to YouTube or Facebook. (8/18)


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