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André Kamps, CEO, ELEMENTS

AI capabilities in media storage and server solutions

ELEMENTS, developer of solutions for collaboration in shared media workflows, and Veritone, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced a new collaboration. The new alliance will allow ELEMENTS Media Library customers to leverage Veritone’s AI technology for automated metadata extraction and analysis.

The tools include speech-to-text transcription, face recognition, translation, object recognition, content moderation, logo recognition, and optical character recognition. By integrating Veritone’s aiWARE platform, ELEMENTS’ MAM will be capable of analyzing, dissecting, and indexing video and audio assets through automated monitoring utilizing cognitive engines and powerful applications, in addition to managing, sharing, and annotating media assets.

ELEMENTS is developing an interface between the ELEMENTS MAM and the Veritone aiWARE platform utilizing the Veritone Developer application, a self-service environment that connects developers and partners with resources to create, submit and deploy custom applications and cognitive engines onto the aiWARE platform. aiWARE can automatically perform speech-to-text transcriptions on the user’s media files, which will enable ELEMENTS MAM users to index their media assets automatically, without the need for manual tagging and logging, and to easily and intuitively search those assets by keyword.

“We are excited to introduce artificial intelligence from Veritone to our Media Library customers,” says André Kamps, CEO of ELEMENTS. “This is a game-changer not only in terms of accuracy and diversity of meta-tags attached to the media assets, but also regarding the speed. It gives our users the ability to automatically add metadata to their files, a task that previously required human beings to spend many hours to achieve the same level of tagging.”

The new AI functionality will be accessible by ELEMENTS Media Library users directly through Adobe Premiere; hence, editors can leverage the full spectrum of benefits by searching their media assets directly from the Premiere workstation, without using a separate browser.

The AI feature is available as an optional add-on to ELEMENTS’ Media Library, a comprehensive web-based workflow management feature set that comes with ELEMENTS ONE, NAS, GATEWAY and the mobile appliance CUBE. (4/18)


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