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Dejero Announces New European Channel Partnerships

Dejero Announces New European Channel Partnerships

Dejero has brought onboard new European partners in Ireland, Hungary and Portugal, strengthening its market presence and local support offering. The company’s expanding network of regional channel partners will enable Dejero to provide its full range of solutions and services in support of the delivery of mission-critical live video and real-time data.

“As we continue to grow in the European market, we’re seeing increased demand for our connectivity solutions in a number of untapped geographical and vertical markets, as well as demand for on-the-ground support,” said Rob Waters, Dejero’s director of sales for EMEA. “These new partnerships bring in very local and experienced representation and prove our commitment to address the needs of our European customers.”

The most recent European sellers to add the full range of Dejero solutions to their portfolios include Pantalha in Portugal, Rexfilm in Hungary, Creative Technology (CT) in Ireland, and INA TV in Greece. All partners are equipped to offer flagship products such as the EnGo mobile transmitter, CuePoint return video server, GateWay network aggregation device, WayPoint receiver, PathWay encoder, FlexPoint transceiver; and mobile solutions such as the LivePlus mobile app, which was invaluable to so many broadcasters during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

These new partners join Dejero’s active existing network, including AV-Professional in Austria, DTS Data Transmission Systems in Poland, Nexting in Italy, Ontario Soluciones in Spain, SHBP in Russia, Tevios in Belgium, and CS Computer Systems in Croatia.

“Dejero is all about providing reliable connectivity anywhere, a challenge that our customers often face — especially when operating in a location where bandwidth may be limited,” said Bonifácio Ribeiro, General Manager at Pantalha. “If you take the EnGo mobile transmitter, for example, Dejero has made it easy to swap out the SIM modules when camera operators or crews move from region to region or country to country, to use local mobile networks for the best performance. They work closely with us and our customers to understand what we need from a local perspective.”

The backbone to Dejero’s solutions is its patented Smart Blending Technology which simultaneously aggregates diverse wired and wireless IP connections from multiple sources to form a virtual ‘network of networks’, enhancing the reliability of connection paths, expanding coverage and delivering greater bandwidth.

The combination of Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology and Hybrid Encoding Technology forms a tightly integrated system which maximizes video quality by responding in real time to changes in network characteristics and video content. These technologies are ideal for low-latency, live video contribution scenarios, which allow broadcast and media teams across the world to deliver high-quality video even in the most challenging bandwidth-constrained scenarios.

Waters indicated that Dejero’s unique Complexity Analyser, just one of the Hybrid Encoding Technology features found in the EnGo, will prove to be popular with its European customers: “The algorithm detects and adjusts the encoding process, based on the amount of motion in a live shot, much faster than a person can in terms of identifying and then changing settings — plus it truly improves picture sharpness in challenging network conditions,” he explains. “Camera operators can seamlessly and automatically transition from a relatively still talking-head shot to a higher-motion action shot and achieve the best possible picture quality for the available bandwidth.”

Dejero’s new partners will also have access to Dejero’s latest product innovations, including the WayPoint 50 and CuePoint 50. These new small form factor products, a receiver and a return video/teleprompter server, are ideal for portable scenarios including quick response in a disaster recovery situation to keep a station on-air during flooding, severe storms, or evacuations demanded by a pandemic such as the COVID-19 crisis. Through its European partners, Dejero provides assistance in customizing the kits for the specific needs of customers.


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