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Euro Media Group becomes EMG

Euro Media Group becomes EMG

EMG, a global provider of broadcast facilities and media solutions, unveiled a new visual identity. The rebrand solidifies the company’s position as an industry leader offering unique know-how and world-renowned expertise to master the entire value chain from image creation to distribution.

The new name and logo were developed through a collaborative process involving the consultation of all of the Group’s entities. This new name will also be adopted by the Group’s main operating companies in months to come, according to a country-by-country phased approach.

The symbol within the logo uses a dynamic shape inspired by a combination of three elements: the buttons found in processing rooms, OB trucks, or control rooms which are part of EMG’s range of facilities; the pixels found in EMG’s highly image-focused industry and finally, the dot, a very simple shape that also refers to the red “Live” button which indicates that a show is being broadcast.

“With over 35 years within the media and broadcast industry, the shorter form of Euro Media Group, “EMG” naturally emerged as our most commonly used brand name on the international scene. This new visual identity represents a significant step in the company’s evolution. We are redefining who we are, driving change and shaping the future of our Group,” said Patrick van den Berg, co-CEO of EMG. “Our brand ethos has always been built on reliability, strong customer relationships and a great deal of passion for innovation – that’s what’s kept our group running seamlessly in the past and will remain key pillars for our
future. Over the years, trends & design tastes change. The new brand identity is not only current and modern but continues to reflect the core ethos of our organisation. The main operating companies also adopting the new Group name and logo in the period to come follows our group integration process and supports our international growth ambitions,” added Patrick van den Berg

EMG had already launched a new website back in September 2020, displaying an updated look & feel and detailing EMG’s full range of services as an international one-stop shop for its customers. This website is now hosted on the following new domain name:


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