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Evertz Partners with CBS on Cloud-based Channel

The new channel marks a major milestone for CBS as it adopts new cloud-based technologies to enhance organization efficiency, agility and scalability.

Evertz's technology includes two cloud-based Mediator-X cores. The first instance of Mediator-X is utilized as a master Media Asset Management (MAM) system for both linear and non-linear asset processing and deliveries as well as associated metadata. Mediator-X native integration with S3 storage is used to support registration and import of content into the system. The second instance of Mediator-X forms the heart of the linear automation and playout system. Both systems utilize an advanced HTML5 user interface that can be accessed from multiple geographic locations using standard web browsers.

The Overture Playout engine solution, also deployed within the public cloud, generates the high quality and feature rich linear streams with full support for complex graphics and all required audio and ancillary data processing. Evertz has worked closely with both CBS and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to coordinate connectivity from the public cloud to existing on-premises infrastructure for control, monitoring and final distribution. Evertz CloudBridge technology is used for robust streaming from the cloud to on-premises facilities. The Evertz VUE real-time control surface integrates with Mediator-X and Overture running in the public cloud to provide a fully transparent control mechanism for master control operators.

"We are honored to be working with a market leader like CBS to further drive the adoption of cloud technologies into the market" said Dan Turow, Vice President of File Based Solutions at Evertz. "This success is a result of our great partnership with CBS and their commitment to creating a truly automated and virtualized media platform with significant ability to grow and expand."

"We are excited to launch this new channel completely from the Cloud," said Glenn Oakley Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering at CBS. "The Evertz Cloud playout solution delivers a proven technology that has been mass deployed in the market. It aligns perfectly with our long-term optimization vision of executing with cloud technology to further drive our innovation and competitiveness. (10/19)


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