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Team Genelec Japan

Genelec to open joint venture in Japan

Based in Tokyo, Genelec Japan is being launched in partnership with studio technology supplier MI7 Japan, and will officially open its doors to customers and dealers alike on July 11th 2017.

In order to deliver heightened standards of service and support for Japanese customers the company hopes to raise the profile of Genelec technologies within this market with the opening of the joint venture Genelec Japan. Genelec, an expert in active monitoring technology for four decades, has a history within the Japanese audio industry. The establishment of Genelec Japan will build on that legacy, both boosting support for existing customers and the wider industry while also offering newcomers the opportunity to learn about Genelec technologies and products such as the recently launched “The Ones” ultimate point source three way coaxial near-fields.

Led by Managing Director Kanji Murai, Genelec Japan will be responsible for the promotion, distribution and support of Genelec’s products, services and solutions throughout the country. Premium education opportunities will also be offered not only to existing customers but the industry as a whole.

The news also marks a development in the relationship between Genelec and its long-term Japanese distributor, Otaritec. Over the course of three decades of cooperation, Otaritec has distinguished itself, helping Genelec to develop within Japan’s professional audio market. Otaritec will remain part of the Genelec family, working with Genelec Japan Inc as a sub-distributor. “Japan has been an essential part of Genelec’s DNA since the company was founded four decades ago,” commented Siamäk Naghian, Managing Director of Genelec. “We have been honoured to enjoy a close relationship with many of Japan’s audio professionals, all of whom have served as inspiration for Genelec product development, our company philosophy and our standing as a brand.” “We are delighted to team up with Genelec,” said Seiji Murai, Managing Director of MI7. “This partnership will allow us to expand the audio monitoring brand’s presence and operations across all segments, especially for new and exciting applications.”

Picture: The Genelec Japan team
Front row: Shiro Ooki (Left), Kanji Murai (Centre), Koji Watanabe (Right)
Back row: Shinichi Kyota (Left), Seiji Murai (Right) 


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