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MCS Thüringen acquired seven LDX Premiere

MCS Thüringen acquired seven LDX Premiere

To capture fine detail and superior image resolution for its variety of productions, Germany-based production house MCS GmbH Thüringen recently acquired seven LDX Premiere series cameras from Grass Valley. The new HD camera systems are being used inside MCS two in-house studios to create television programming, film production, and advertising campaigns.

“With the broad portfolio of content we produce, we needed top-notch cameras that were flexible, fostered creativity, and didn’t exceed our budget,” said Ralf Bundrock at MCS GmbH Thüringen. “Our studios are filled with state-of-the-art equipment and the LDX Premiere cameras fit right in with our needs, especially in terms of picture quality as it delivers stunning 1080p/1080i/720p images.”

The LDX Premiere offers high performance in an economical dual format HD camera for a range of broadcast applications and offers unrivalled cost performance. Based on state-of-the-art, third-generation CMOS imagers—Grass Valley's Xensium-FT—the cameras meet MCS Thüringen’s requirement for brilliant HD imagery at an attractive price point.

The LDX Premiere is also software-upgradeable as with the entire LDX range, allowing users to flexibly trade-off between CapEx and OpEx expenditures according to their business needs. This is made possible with the GV-eLicense program, through which customers can elevate their camera's capabilities to the next level of functionality for just seven days or indefinitely as required.

“With the success of the LDX Series in the region, it’s exciting for us to be able to announce another LDX win in Germany with MCS GmbH Thüringen,” commented Said Bacho, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Grass Valley. “With such a varying body of work, it was important for MCS to have versatile camera systems in place that reflect their impressive operations. As with our entire LDX line, we created the Premiere with flexibility and versatility in mind for a wide range of applications. MCS needed a high end and cost-effective solution to support the variety of work it produces, and the LDX Premiere, especially with its licensing model, is the perfect fit.”


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