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NAB Show Premiere Session about Edge Technology Benefits
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NAB Show Premiere Session about Edge Technology Benefits

NAB Show Premiere will examine the future impact of edge technology on radio and television broadcasters during a session titled “Livin’ on the Edge: Advances in Computing and Networking to Drive Innovation in Broadcasting.” The session starts on Wednesday, April 21st at 3 p.m. ET and be available on-demand there after.

The NAB Show Premiere session will present a new study about opportunities created by wider adoption of edge technologies in the next three to four years. Edge technology is defined as data and compute processing at the tail end of a broadcaster’s IP-based networks, including next-generation terrestrial and digital, with processing on the devices themselves for select applications. The NAB Show Premiere session will explore potential benefits from edge technology for broadcasters, primarily in the form of revenue growth, such as audience experience and advertising, along with some cost savings in their operations. The session will also present “The Future of Media Innovation on the Edge,” a study commissioned by PILOT in partnership with Verizon Media and conducted by Kearney, a global management consulting firm.

The study explores attitudes and expertise from a variety of executives in TV, radio and digital video and audio to provide insight into the future impact of edge technologies on the broadcast industry. The study further examines where edge technologies could fit into a broadcaster’s operations, from content creation to delivery and distribution to users’ consumption and experience.

“Broadcasters stand to gain immensely and boost their bottom lines as they incorporate edge technology into their operations,” said PILOT Executive Director John Clark. “This session and our study will provide useful insights and help broadcasters seize new opportunities created by edge technology adoption.”

“From content creation and distribution to audience targeting and engagement, edge computing is poised to revolutionize the way broadcasters conceptualize the services they deliver,” said Jason Friedlander, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Verizon Media. “The edge will be a significant driving force behind major innovations over the next few years, and it’s exciting to see the first broadcast use-cases emerge.”

“Edge technologies will become a catalyst for reimagining the broadcasting ecosystem as it continues to innovate and transform,” said Mike Chapman, Partner and Americas Media Lead for Kearney. “Our study provides a unified view of what the edge could look like for broadcasters and illustrates the art of the possible.”


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