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Evertz Shows New Additions To Its BRAVO Studio Platform
Cloud-based production platform BRAVO now gives users the opportunity to automate camera angles and produce data driven interactive graphics.
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Evertz Shows New Additions To Its BRAVO Studio Platform

Simplifying cloud-based production will be a key focus during its Evertz Connected 2021: Fall Edition virtual technology portal, which runs from October 1-15, as the company demonstrates the latest enhancements to its BRAVO Studio cloud-based control room.

Dynamic and scalable, BRAVO Studio is a collaborative live switching platform that gives broadcast operators an environment that looks and feels like a traditional control room so that they are perfectly comfortable producing shows in the cloud, Evertz stressed with an invitation to the Evertz Connected Virtual Technology Portal. Incorporating web-based interfaces that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, BRAVO Studio allows staff to collaborate with any number of team members to produce live events from their own homes, regardless of the size or complexity of the projects they are working on.
Evertz has created BRAVO Studio,according to own statements, to ensure that cloud-based production delivers the same creativity and flexibility as traditional control room workflows. The platform encompasses world leading Evertz products that are already familiar to many operators. These include MAGNUM OS Orchestration and Control for seamless signal routing and to easily coordinate resources located at a venue, in a broadcast studio or in the cloud. Other useful functionality includes multiviewing, VUE user interfaces for operations and access to the entire DreamCatcher™ suite of live production tools so that staff worry less about how to access content and spend more time using that content to tell great stories.
During Evertz Connected 2021: Fall Edition, Evertz will introduce the latest additions to BRAVO Studio, which include new co-pilots to help automate and simplify production workflows. BRAVO Studio can now leverage real time data collected by sensor-based systems, including our partner ShotTracker’s on-court and on-field sensors, to automate camera workflows. BRAVO Studio’s Metadata co-pilot also uses the real time date to automatically curate highlights and clips to give the production team more time to focus on telling a better story.

In addition, Evertz has also integrated its Ease Live graphics engine into BRAVO Studio, making it much faster and easier to enhance the viewing experience by producing data driven interactive graphics. This means that program creators can deliver many more interactive options to consumers, allowing them to make bets, select players, view statistics, view highlights, or take part in quizzes – all of which will keep viewers engaged in the live production.
Simplifying processes that initially seem complicated is the key to BRAVO Studio’s success and the reason why so many broadcasters and content creators are choosing this solution for their cloud production needs. Evertz will be giving full demonstrations of the platform’s capabilities online via its Evertz Connected 2021: Fall Edition virtual technology portal, which runs from October 1-15. Registration is free and is now open at


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