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OTT-Special Connected Media|IP at NAB 2020
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OTT-Special Connected Media|IP at NAB 2020

OTT video consumption is accelerating at a rapid pace. A good example is Disney+. After launching in November 2019, the streaming service has already captured 28.8 million subscribers and is forecast to reach 126 million subscribers by 2025. The latest OTT trends and networking with the biggest players in the industry offers Connected Media|IP at NAB Show 2020.

Connected Media|IP at NAB Show 2020 will provide a stage for over 100 of the brightest industry experts to deliver presentations and debate on all of the most critical topics facing our industry today. Debate topics will include:

  • “Using Data and Analytics to Enhance the TV Experience,” on Tuesday 21 April, 14.00-14.40. This panel will discuss some of the fundamental opportunities and challenges that operators must get to grips with to allow TV to become a tailored experience. In addition, the panel will look at real-world examples and wider trends to offer some best practice advice that can deliver rapid results to improve the TV experience.
  • “Going Global — How to Successfully Launch International TV Services,” on Tuesday 21 April, 16.20-17.00. During this panel session, experts will offer guidance on the key considerations of launching internationally with real-world examples from around the globe that offer insights into the technical, cultural and regulatory issues that need to be overcome before a service can launch or even start to make a profit.
  • “Turning to the Cloud to Reduce TV Service Capex and Opex,” on Wednesday 22 April, 11.00-11.40. This panel will bring together experts that have worked on some of the most interesting projects and technologies to discuss how cloud can help broadcasters and service providers deliver more cost-efficient services that can scale to meet demand.
  • “A Look at Innovation and Future Trends in the TV Industry,” on Wednesday 22 April, 12.20-13.00. Over the next few years, the arrival of 5G, VR, AR, AI and several other technologies may be the catalyst for radical change. This panel will look at innovation in all its forms across the broadcast and pay-TV industry including inspiring business models, technologies, individuals, and market strategies. The audience will take away some lessons as to where the industry is heading and how to prepare.


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