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Plamen Chardakliev of PlayBox Neo
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PlayBox Neo Demonstrates Advanced Media Playout

PlayBox Neo reports a well-supported and highly successful Broadcast Technology Event, held in Lagos, Nigeria, November 4th-6th. Organised by UK-based Medialogy, it attracted representatives from many of Nigeria's broadcast channels.

"Our aim was to create a more relaxed, informative and business-centric environment than is ever achieved at traditional trade exhibitions," comments Medialogy COO Ananth Sam. "The event also included a training workshop. We invited some of the most highly respected manufacturers to demonstrate their respective offerings and show how these combine to form a fully integrated workflow. PlayBox Neo is the logical choice in terms of channel branding and television playout given its long experience in developing products such as its server-based Channel-in-a-Box and the internet-oriented Cloud2TV."

"We have a very strong user base throughout the MENA market and are always pleased to meet existing or potential customers on their home ground," adds PlayBox Neo CEO Pavlin Rahnev. "Our presentation centered on the practical aspects of running a modern television station. We offer channel operators the choice between investing in a complete playout system based on our Channel-in-a-Box, or taking the software-as-a-service route with our Cloud2TV solution."

"Our Channel-in-a-Box approach still remains very popular among long-established broadcasters because it gives channel managers tangible control over their infrastructure," adds PlayBox Neo Broadcast Engineer Plamen Chardakliev. “Cloud2TV is more attractive to people keen to keep their investment costs to a minimum until their business model becomes proven."

"We demonstrated the operational simplicity and uniformity of both approaches plus the third option – of running our Channel-in-a-Box and Cloud2TV in a single hybrid. The Channel-in-a-Box/Cloud2TV combination offers a very high degree of flexibility including the ability to activate new channels almost overnight and to manage media assets from practically any location." (11/19)

Image shows on left Plamen Chardakliev of PlayBox Neo addressing delegates at the Broadcast Technology Event.


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