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David Ross at NAB 2019 ©EMpress
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Ross Video announced Ross Live | 2020

Ross Video announced the comprehensive ten-week program Ross Live | 2020. Fom the middle of April until late July the company will be hosting a weekly series of TechTalk presentations, videos and webinars announcing the latest product launches and solutions updates, along with expert discussion of best practice in a variety of live production environments.

David Ross, CEO of Ross Video, is keen to expand beyond a virtual replacement for NAB Show 2020. “Anyone who visits our booth in Las Vegas knows we commit a huge amount of effort to the show and we always have an incredible number of new announcements, but it’s a hectic four days and time is always at a premium. With the decision rightly being made to postpone NAB Show this year, we’re going to take more time to introduce our new solutions and more fully explain their context and the direction we’re moving in. With much of the world in confinement, working from home and having to adapt to the effects of the COVID-19 virus, we want customers to know that we’re here to sustain and support them well beyond the traditional NAB Show window, and I think our TechTalk sessions will do precisely that. As always, we’ll have some great surprises and I hope you’ll be able to join us”.



pictured: David Ross at NAB 2019 ©EMpress

The program’s ten-week schedule

A list of the sessions can be found at, and registration is now open. The program kicks off on April 28th with a look at exciting updates to XPression, the industry’s fastest growing family of real-time graphics solutions, and closes on July 14th with, as you would expect, a Ross ‘One More Thing!’ reveal. During the nine weeks in between, Ross specialists will be hosting weekly Tech Talk sessions to discuss challenges and best practices across a variety of live production applications and environments. Ross will also be unveiling some brand-new solutions designed to help live production professionals create high impact, high efficiency productions. 
During these challenging times, Ross believes it is important to support customers in any way we can. With normal life on hold, we understand that many industry professionals may have some additional time for learning and training, and so Ross will has created a weekly Living Live podcast (no registration required) that will focus on a different element of live production and explore it fully. The first podcast – ‘Building a Workflow for the Unknown: TV News Editorial, Trends & Tools)’ – will be published on Monday April 20th, and will be available on our dedicated page here.
Ross Video CEO David Ross can’t wait to get started. “We’ve put a great deal of thought and effort into this comprehensive program, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Ross Live sessions soon. We’re going to blow your socks off once again!”
All sessions are being broadcast on the dates shown on our web page at 11am EDT (Ottawa) / 4pm BST (London). An additional session will be offered at 11:30 pm EDT (Ottawa) for customers in India/Asia/Australia/New Zealand and surrounding countries (9am New Delhi, 11:30am Singapore/Beijing, 12:30pm Tokyo, 1:30pm Canberra, 3:30pm Auckland). Please note that the date of the additional presentations in these areas will therefore be +1 day
For reference, the current schedule of sessions is as follows (additional sessions may be added over time):
28 April: What’s New with XPression
Join Patrick Twomey to learn about the latest developments with XPression – the industry’s fastest growing family of real-time graphics solutions.
30 April: Live Production Solutions – New Switcher Enhancements
Les O’Reilly and Nigel Spratling announce a huge feature update for Carbonite Ultra – the world’s most popular midsize production switcher. Current and potential Carbonite Ultra users alike will definitely want to learn more.

05 May: Even More Creativity with Ross Camera Motion Systems
Join Bruce Takasaki as he unveils the latest updates for Camera Motion Systems including MotionDirector extensions to CamBot XY pedestals, DashBoard control of PT heads and PIVOTcam and SkyDolly enhancements.

07 May: Ultrix – The Evolution Continues 
Ultrix is our innovative (and multi-award-winning) routing and AV processing platform. Todd Riggs discusses another milestone update that adds even more flexibility.

12 May: The 4k UHD Signal Conversion Problem Solver
Gator Toolbox is an incredibly powerful ‘any-to-any’ HD, UHD and HDR signal conversion solution. Marc Ravard, Simon Lacroix and Alun Fryerexplain its many different applications and the latest update for 2020.
14 May: The Latest in Production Automation & Control
Production automation has been an important industry trend for more than a decade – Mike Paquin discusses what’s new with the latest version of our OverDrive solution.

19 May: Graphite – Giving You More
Graphite is Ross Video’s all-in-one integrated production vehicle. Join Nigel Spratling and Les O’Reilly to learn about the latest update and a brand-new member of the family.

26 May: Sports and Live Events - Creating an Experience to Remember
Ross works with the leading sports teams, stadiums and live venues to help make the fan experience something to remember. Andrew Sampson discusses the evolution of live event production and the possibilities for content creators.

02 June: Ross Signal Processing  Solutions – Important Updates
Marc Ravard, Alun Fryer and Wojtek Tryc present some important updates to our Signal Processing  solutions based on our latest platform development. 
09 June: To Boldly Go…
Ross is an industry leader when it comes to Virtual Solutions – Gideon Ferber introduces the latest developments in graphics rendering for virtual studios and augmented reality applications.  

16 June: Keeping It Clean!
Douglas Johnson introduces an incredible new update to the Ross Live Event Protection Delay product line.

23 June: It Really Is Rocket Surgery
Rocket Surgery is Ross Video’s in-house creative design and professional services division. Join Mission Commander Jim Doyle and team to learn about the latest projects the team have been working on, and the creative challenges they’ve overcome.

30 June: Building the Game with Ross Mobile Productions
Ross Mobile Productions (RMP) is our dedicated mobile production company that offers full-service production packages and rental services. Mitch Rubenstein discusses the evolution of RMP, the scope of their operations and how they’ve satisfied some of the most demanding broadcasters in sports.
07 July: The Rise of esports
It may have started as a cottage industry, but esports is now a global phenomenon that attracts audiences measured in the millions. Join Cameron Reed to learn about the evolution of esports, its burgeoning popularity and how to create an amazing esports production.

14 July: One More New Thing!
Douglas Johnson announces an exciting, brand new product addition to our range of Video Server solutions.

The list of Living Live podcasts is currently as follows (no registration required):

20 April: [Podcast] Building a Workflow for the Unknown (TV News Editorial, Trends & Tools)
Dramatic events, be they global or national, always place enormous strain on newsrooms and their staff. Join our Ross newsroom specialists as they talk about workflow management in times of crisis and beyond.  

27 April: [Podcast] Control It Your Way with DashBoard
The modern TV studio or live event venue is a sophisticated environment with many moving parts and increasingly complex workflows. Join our DashBoard product team to learn how DashBoard can strip away this complexity and make your live productions easier to manage. 

4 May: [Podcast] Gearing for Election Graphics
With elections taking place in the US and many other countries in 2020, how can broadcasters engage and inform their audiences at this challenging time? Join our XPression graphics team to learn how to tell a more effective story on election night. 
11 May: [Podcast] Decentralized IP & SDI Routing
The last few years have seen the humble router transformed into a full AV processing solution that can replace multiple racks of traditional infrastructure equipment. Join our infrastructure team for a masterclass in how these solutions perform in both the IP and ADI domains. 
18 May: [Podcast] Production Switchers - New Directions
Production switchers have always been an important part of Ross Video’s portfolio and they remain a key part of any live production workflow. With technology platforms changing, what might the next generation of production switcher look like and what does the future hold for this workhorse product?

25 May: [Podcast] Esports Arena Production
It may have started as a cottage industry, but esports is now a global phenomenon that attracts global audiences measured in the millions. With an increasing number of dedicated esports venues being built, what does a really great esports venue production look like? Join our team to find out.  

01 Jun: [Podcast] Virtualization Fundamentals 
Many elements of live production are now moving into the cloud, and industry commentators suggest this trend towards virtualization is only going to accelerate. This presentation explains the fundamentals of virtualization, explaining the benefits and the potential pitfalls.  
08 June: [Podcast] AR & Virtual Set Magic
Recent advances in graphics technology are enabling live production professionals to create amazing photo-realistic virtual sets and augmented reality elements. Join our Virtual Solutions team to find out how its done, and how you can use it to enhance your story telling. 

15 June: [Podcast] On Air Graphics Success
On air graphics have evolved from the humble lower-third to an incredibly sophisticated set of tools that keep audiences entertained and engaged. Join our XPression graphics team to learn about the evolution of graphics and get a glimpse into the future.    
22 June: [Podcast] Next Level Game Day Production
The TV coverage of sports has become highly sophisticated and engaging, and it can be hard to tempt people off their sofas and into the sports stadium. Sports teams and venues are fighting back, placing a new emphasis on fan engagement and the game day experience. Join us to find out how.   

29 June: [Podcast] Mobile Production Innovation
Modern mobile production vehicles are packed with production horsepower and are increasingly compact. With more and more broadcasters looking for turnkey solutions from their mobile providers, what are the trends in this sector and how are vendors innovating to respond?
06 July: [Podcast] Streamline Your News Workflow End-To-End
The newsroom has always been a challenging and stressful environment, and for many working in live production it’s the ultimate test of character. With many newsrooms working around the clock, how can content creators streamline their workflows and bring order and efficiency to their operations? Join our newsroom team to find out.


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