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Ross Video at NAB
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Ross Video at NAB 2015

The Ross Video theme at NAB Show (booth N3906) this year is solutions and workflows – showing how Ross technology can be used to provide complete solutions for different types of production environments.

Ross Video at NAB

A complete virtual and augmented reality production studio shows how VS/AR can enhance productions while reducing cost. The core of this solution is based around Ross Robotics, XPression Graphics and Ross Virtual Solution components. 

Automated news production runs through a full OverDrive Automated Production control system. Clients are able to see the efficiency, power and simplicity that can be achieved by deploying OverDrive automation.
Inception News, the Ross News Room Computer System offering is showing “Idea Centric News Production” as a single hub for news, web, and social providing the advanced tools required for the modern news environment.
Sports stadium production is demonstrated as a complete solution with a 20 foot screen and ribbon board. This features the flagship Acuity Series Production Switcher and XPression Motion Graphics System. 4K is very much part of what is being shown in this area.

A range of Ross graphics solutions are available from centralized graphics production workflow through to branding and ticker solutions. These include Streamline production asset and work order management system, XPression MAPS, XPression Touch Factory - interactive touch screen system, XPression Telestrate, XPression Brand-It Branding and XPression Tick-It Ticker. 

The latest version of the Legislative Control System is being shown. Ross LCS is a tailor made system that Legislatures around the globe are taking advantage of to automate their production environments and produce a high quality and consistent output for constituents.

FIN5 is a high definition production truck based on Ross’ open Truck standard. The Mercedes Sprinter Class vehicle with tightly integrated technology that provides the capability to efficiently produce high quality, network-level mobile productions at a much lower cost than previously possible in a compact vehicle.
Infrastructure is a necessary foundation for all the solutions being demonstrated. openGear H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Contribution Encoders are designed for organizations looking for a way to stream content between locations or into a CDN using Internet Protocol (IP). The encoders are a high quality solution providing simultaneous support of DVB-ASI, broadcast video over IP, RTMP, and HTTP Live streaming. openGear High Performance 3G / HD / SD Distribution Amplifiers are offered in Single, Dual and Quad re-clocking and equalizing models, with support for SMPTE 424M, SMPTE ST 292-1 and SMPTE 259 serial digital video signals at 3G, HD, and SD rates. openGear Frame Synchronizers are a solution for synchronizing, timing and processing both audio and video in 3G, high definition, and standard definition applications. MC1 Master Control adds 3G 1080p support, channel ganging capability to switch multiple MC1s in tandem, either manually or under automation, and audio features with the ability to remap audio channels and make adjustments to level presets to any audio source. 

Production Switcher Products: The Acuity switcher offers enhanced processing power features. These include: full UHD (4K) production with 8 keys/16 channels of DVE per ME, MultiFeed configurable program outputs with 2 preview and 6 program outputs for every ME, 36 channels of system wide Media Stores, and expanded dual head, 20 source window multi-viewers.  
The mid-sized Carbonite and Vision Tritium 3ME  production switchers, are showing new features that enhance operations, particularly when combined with DashBoard system control and XPression motion graphics.

openTruck with Ross Mobile Productions
Sports Stadium
Acuity Switcher
Virtual and Augmented Reality Production Studio

Further on NAB Ross Video will present its Graphics Products, Robotics Products, Automated Production Control Products, Control and Monitoring Products, Media Workflow Products and Legislative Control System Products. A overview will be given in the following:

Graphics Products, like XPression Studio 4K and BlueBox 4K bring UHD video and key graphics into production switchers. Latest XPression features include: Ncam integration for augmented reality and virtual sets, GV EDIUS NLE integration, and QuickTime export.

Also at NAB Ross Video will present Robotics Products. SmartShell 4 is a single, unified control system for both CamBot and Furio pedestals, lifts, and heads. USB-based joystick panels provide significant increases in control functionality. The Furio Pedestal features three-wheeled manual pedestal base for Furio lifts and heads. This supports cameras that need robotic control, but primarily remain in a static location. The pedestal provides full virtual tracking data of all robotic axes for use in virtual sets and augmented reality.

Automated Production Control Products: OverDrive Caprica is released. Adding the OverDrive system to any control room is now possible, regardless of which existing production switcher is being used. OverDrive now controls the Ross Video Carbonite mid-sized production switcher. This integrated system offers a complete APC workflow at a compelling price point. OverDrive can be paired with Carbonite and Ross Video’s Inception NRCS to offer a complete production workflow.

DashBoard, Control and Monitoring Product, offers improved design capabilities for increased control and functionality. Scripting support for building and parsing messages brings better access to information without having to significantly modify the formats it is in. OG script functions and Webget support results in increased flexibility and functionality. Widget and JSON protocol support produces the benefits of code reuse, easier interaction with functions, reduction of code complexity and errors, and faster writing of software.

Media Workflow Products: Inception News / Social adds instant messaging, alerts, and notifications features, as well as custom metadata support. Inception Sports offers game day production for stadiums and sports teams. The Streamline production asset management MOS engine and plugin discovers and sources media, and links to broadcast scripts in Inception News. Streamline adds video proxies and stills, single-sign-on, importing and conversion tools from existing asset systems, and migration tools from the MediaBeacon platform.

Legislative Control System Products: Extensive user interface improvements help to optimize legislature set up and functionality. Data is stored as separate files for a more streamlined upgrade path. Cameras can be controlled with a hardwired joystick, support manual red and blue gain. Increased screen sizes are supported to accommodate larger room set ups. There are interfaces for the 1ME Carbonite switchers and Bosch audio systems. (2/15)


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