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Transforming TV with Cloud Services
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Transforming TV with Cloud Services

As part of the IBC Showcase Comcast Technology Solutions offers a free webinar taking place on 15 October (1 pm CEST) about Transforming TV with Cloud Services.

"We know that TV is destined for the cloud, but what does it take to truly transform? Today’s success stories can teach us a lot about what tomorrow’s new media and entertainment landscape will look like", Comcast stresses in its invitation to the IBC showcase webinar.  The company will start a discussion about the cloud transformation of TV, with particular focus on real-world examples that illuminate the industry’s next big shift.
The session will focus on:
•    Launching a new Pay TV service – what are the major factors for success?
•    What does COSMOTE TV tell us about the process of digital transformation?
•    What kinds of technical strategies and product strategies are Pay-TV operators betting on to stay competitive?
•    How can the implementation of micro-services architecture deliver more than just scalability?
•    What does the future hold for a service like COSMOTE TV?

Speakers are: Phil Miller, Director of Technology, Comcast Technology Solutions, and Dimitris Paouris, Deputy Director of TV Systems & Services,OTE S.A.

More informations about the webinar are to find here.


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