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DiGiCo Names Austin Freshwater as new Managing Director
Austin Freshwater is the new Managing Director of DiGiCo

DiGiCo Names Austin Freshwater as new Managing Director

Austin Freshwater has been appointed as new Managing Director of digital audio mixing console specialist DiGiCo by the directors of DiGiCo’s parent company Audiotonix which also oversees entertainment technology brands Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, Solid State Logic, and newly acquired Sound Devices LLC.

Freshwater has been General Manager since 2017, with the promotion also signalling a new era for long-serving MD James Gordon who remains CEO of Audiotonix. “We were talking about Austin moving into the MD position just before Covid-19 hit, by which time it didn’t feel right for me to run off into the hills,” says Gordon, who had made the role his own over the past 14 years. “I don't think it would have sent the right message to our customers and teams.”

It’s a job James has cherished, but a role he never sought out.  “Anybody I've ever met who actually wants to be an MD is pretty average at it,” he muses. “As for the people who really learn about a company on their way up, those are the people who make the best managing directors. It’s not a job as such, it’s a responsibility you should want to take on.”

During the past 18-months, Austin stepped up behind the scenes when the unforeseen impact on live events took hold, presenting him with a huge challenge far sooner than anyone was expecting. “His performance and behaviour over the last 18-months has been nothing short of phenomenal,” continues James. “He's done an amazing job in a company that, to be very honest, is used to winning all of the time.”

Since DiGiCo formed in 2002, it has grown year-on-year and, as its 20-year milestone fast approaches, it’s still one of the youngest brands in pro audio, albeit undoubtedly one of the most aspirational.

“As CEO of Audiotonix, I was getting pulled everywhere,” says James. “If we hadn't filled the position at DiGiCo and put Austin on the path that we did, when we did, we were in danger of not being as great as the company deserves. Finding the key person, certainly for Helen and I, was such a crucial thing. People love DiGiCo for a reason, and we had to keep the same culture running throughout the company.


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