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Multiple New Hires at Pixotope
Brad Rochon, David Dowling and Juan Rubio from Pixotope

Multiple New Hires at Pixotope

Pixotope, a Norwegian expert for mixed reality solutions for broadcast and live events, announced three heavyweight additions to its global staff. Juan Rubio, is joining the team as a new Product Specialist and Evangelist. Brad Rochon is Pixotope’s new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. And David Dowling joins the company as Chief Revenue Officer.

Rubio is based in the US. In his career he has spanned across Feature Film VFX, AAA Games, and Enterprise, having worked on blockbuster movies like the Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions, The Day After Tomorrow and The Watchmen. As an early adopter of VR, AR, and XR, Rubio has vast experience working on interactive and real-time projects, while also leading teams and external vendors.

Rubio said, “Having first hand experience of being the customer, and being in the driving seat of a number of productions, it’s promising to see mixed reality’s popularity and offering growing in abundance. I’m joining the Pixotope team with a vision of delivering what our customers really need when it comes to virtual productions, and offering them support as though Pixotope is an extension of their team.”

LA-based Brad Rochon is Pixotope’s new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His move follows a 23-year stint at Ross Video, where he held various positions in sales, channel management and product management. In his role at Pixotope, Rochon will strengthen the brand's US operation, underpinned by the deployment of company-wide marketing campaigns to drive growth by increased brand awareness, and to nurture existing customer engagement.

Rochon said, “At Pixotope, we are committed to continually improving our platform to enable customers to push new boundaries on productions – every feature has a story. Driving our offering stateside, I’m excited to collaborate with the community we serve and continue to develop and deliver ground-breaking solutions that are changing the way the industry produces content to tell entertaining stories.”

Responsible for leading new global sales & marketing efforts across multiple channels and driving impactful initiatives to support both existing and new growth areas, David Dowling joins Pixotope as Chief Revenue Officer, bringing with him twenty five years in the broadcast industry, seventeen of which have been spent in sales leadership and general management, having worked in various positions with graphics, virtual studio and cloud/SaaS vendors including Sony, Ross Video and ORAD.

David commented, “At Pixotope, our customers come first and we design the tools and features that the industry is asking for. With dedicated support from bid to delivery, our teams make sure that every production counts – no matter where a customer is on their production journey. It’s exciting to be joining Pixotope at a time of exponential growth, and I’m looking forward to learning how we can better serve our customers to continue to develop next-level offerings that enable amazing productions.”

Also commenting on the recent additions to the Pixotope team, Marcus B.Brodersen, CEO of The Future Group said, “Pixotope is made by creatives for creatives and we are proud to be building upon the rapid growth and acceleration we’ve seen in recent months by continuing to invest in the right people. It’s important that new additions to the team bring with them the specialist knowledge that will enable the continued development of our world-class products, and therefore reinforce our commitment to our customers around the world.”


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