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Sunny Petkov (Chief Technical Officer, PlayBox Technology) and Pierre Kande (CloudAir Chief Architect, PlayBox Technology)

PlayBox Expands Management

PlayBox Technology, expert in broadcast television playout and channel branding, announces two key additions to its board. Stanislav Petkov is appointed Chief Technical Officer to oversee ongoing development of the TV Automation solutions. Pierre Kande joins the board as CloudAir Chief Architect responsible for the company's new software product range.

Sunny Petkov joined PlayBox Technology in 2006 from a technical operations role at Bulgarian broadcast Planeta TV. He has headed the PlayBox development team for many years, latterly as Chief Research & Development Officer, providing a high level of staff motivation, engineering expertise and continuity.

Pierre Kande joined PlayBox Technology from Cisco Systems in December 2014. As System Architect, he has masterminded the CloudAir project, supervising the refinement of new-generation virtualised products which PlayBox Technology is developing alongside the established TV Automation range.

"Sunny and Pierre are two of the most talented engineers in the entire broadcast business," comments PlayBox Technology President Don Ash. "They are efficient and dependable colleagues with excellent leadership and communication skills.

"Sunny has contributed strongly to the development of PlayBox products family which is now the world's most widely deployed broadcast playout and channel branding system. His role also includes ensuring that 24/7 support remains an effective cornerstone of our business operation.

"Pierre's work on CloudAir has been outstanding both for its precision and breadth of vision. These guys are a real pleasure to work with and very welcome additions to the PlayBox Technology management team."

The two new board appointments follow the recently announced promotion of Don Ash to President, Pavlin Rahnev to Chief Executive Officer, Phillip Neighbour to Chief Operating Officer, Ananth Sam to Director of Solution Sales & Customer Care, and Ben Gunkel to Chief Commercial Officer. They come at a time when PlayBox Technology has achieved an over 30 per cent share of the total worldwide television channel playout market and a far higher proportion of the channel-in-a-box sector. (11/15)

photo: Sunny Petkov (Chief Technical Officer, PlayBox Technology) and Pierre Kande (CloudAir Chief Architect, PlayBox Technology)


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