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MEDIEN BULLETIN - Edition Live Production


  • MEDIEN BULLETIN - Edition Live Production is the only German speaking media and broadcast magazine with a comprehensive integrated crossmedia approach.

  • MEDIEN BULLETIN - now 36 years on the market - covers complete value chains from content production to processing, management, archiving, playout and distribution on different channels and platforms.

  • MEDIEN BULLETIN has a strong focus on the growing influence of IT- and IP- based technologies on broadcasting, on workflows and business models.

  • MEDIEN BULLETIN reports about experts, decision makers and companies in the media and broadcast industry, about the newest technologies, products and solutions, about all related economic and content based aspects - always with a close view to international developments.

  • MEDIEN BULLETIN will publish in 2017 four special editions about live production. „MeBuLive“ will report exclusively about innovative technologies, casestudies and relevant service-, solutions- and technology-providers in this field.

  • MEDIEN BULLETIN is published by MeBu Verlag E. Eckstein in Eschenried/Munich

  • MEDIEN BULLETIN is flanked by the internet platforms (English) and (German) and is available as e-paper.