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AMP Visual purchases I-MOVIX X10 UHD RF

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AMP Visual purchases I-MOVIX X10 UHD RF

French facilities and production company AMP Visual TV has become the first European customer for the I-MOVIX X10 UHD RF ultra motion system. X10 UHD RF is the latest version of the X10 product line and extends the operational flexibility of the X10 system by supporting wireless shooting in HD productions where being close to the action is important.

Combining the class-leading features of the X10 technology with RF transmission capability for HD production, X10 UHD RF integrates Vision Research’s Flex 4K high-speed camera, and can be configured fully integrated with industry-leading production servers.

“We are really happy to enlarge our existing fleet of I-MOVIX cameras with the X10 UHD RF solution,” said François Valadoux, Executive Vice President, CTO AMP Visual TV. “This new investment is in total accordance with the innovation-oriented strategy of AMP Visual TV. We are early adopters of new innovative products like the ultra motion cameras developed by our partner I-MOVIX. With the image quality, advanced ultra motion features and enhanced operational flexibility of the X10 UHD RF system, AMP Visual TV has now a perfect range of solutions to offer to the European broadcast market, and that will meet the most demanding requirements of sports broadcasting.“

For very high-frame rate ultra-slow motion in HD sports coverage, X10 UHD RF operates in USM (Ultra Slow Motion) mode to deliver instant replays of up to 3,000 FPS in 720p or up to 2,000 FPS in 1080i. “X10 UHD RF was launched at NAB 2015 and immediately went into production on US sports events,” said Laurent Renard, CEO of I-MOVIX. “As one of our most important European customers, AMP VISUAL TV is already an expert provider of ultra-motion here, and perfectly placed to extend the palette of ultra-motion options available to broadcasters in Europe." (7/15)