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WeatherOne and ZXY Sport Tracking join ChyronHego

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WeatherOne and ZXY Sport Tracking join ChyronHego

ChyronHego announced at NAB 2014 that the company has reached a agreement to acquire WeatherOne AS, a Norwegian provider of weather forecast solutions for broadcast and digital media. Moreover ChyronHego acquired the majority stake in ZXY Sport Tracking AS.

WeatherOne is a privately held company that is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Under the agreement, ChyronHego will acquire WeatherOne and its Metacast technology ⎯ a comprehensive solution that includes a high-performance, live-to-air weather graphics and broadcast production system, and a complete weather and climate data managing service.

“We are committed to providing our customers with top-tier solutions that create a complete end-to-end broadcast graphics workflow,” said Johan Apel, president and chief executive officer at ChyronHego. “This acquisition will open a new market segment for us while bridging a general gap in news production workflow. WeatherOne is an expert in the weather space and we are confident that this decision will deliver great benefits for customers, employees and shareholders alike.”

“Built on years of sophisticated innovation, our industry-defining Metacast solution is installed in TV stations in 40 countries and on 5 continents,” said Karl Eggestad, founder and executive director at WeatherOne. “Weather is news, and now broadcasters will be able to leverage the combination of the ChyronHego technologies also within this arena to monetize their audience’s interest and the governments’ push to keep the public aware and prepared for oncoming weather.”

Metacast was on display during NAB Show at ChyronHego’s booth as well as ZXY Sport Tracking AS, another Norwegian company and provider of sports tracking solutions. ChyronHego has acquired the majority stake in ZXY Sport Tracking AS at the 6th of April. Upon completion of the acquisition, ChyronHego will expand its TRACAB player tracking product portfolio with ZXY’s cutting-edge transponder technology.

“ZXY Sport Tracking offers powerful sports analysis technology that will further strengthen our products in this space,” said Johan Apel, president and chief executive officer at ChyronHego. “In addition to enhancing our TRACAB product portfolio, ZXY’s technology will extend our sports analysis offerings across both the sports broadcast and professional sports markets.”

“This is a perfect fit for ZXY,” said Rolf Olstad, chief executive officer at ZXY. “The ZXY technology and product, as well as ChyronHego’s TRACAB system, have been developed for the real-time delivery of extensive performance data. The potential in combining the technologies are immense and we are thrilled to be part of this transformation moving forward.”

ZXY’s proprietary technology for transponder-based tracking detects the exact position of all objects within a stadium or training facility in true real-time. Players wear a data chip that transmits positions and other essential data such as heart rates, speeds and the impact from collisions. The system has been used in soccer, American football and ice hockey, and is now being adapted for many other indoor and outdoor sports. (4/14)