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NEP The Netherlands, Tedial Evolution, media IT platform

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NEP selects Tedial’s media IT platform

Tedial, independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has announced that broadcast services and creative technology provider NEP The Netherlands has deployed an installation of Tedial Evolution, Tedial’s media IT platform and Tedial Version Factory at its headquarters in Hilversum Media Park, Netherlands.

NEP provides the expertise, the people and the next generation broadcast IT facilities to help its clients to develop and deliver big live broadcast events.

The Tedial Evolution platform and Evolution Version Factory workflow is working with multiple clients across the NEP The Netherlands facility in Hilversum. The scope of provision provides content management and MAM workflows with integrations to the various third-party applications from SAM, Harmonic and Telestream amongst others.

The Tedial media IT Evolution Version Factory is integrated to the NEP The Netherlands CMS ‘UpperEast’ via the Tedial API. This supports the creation and automated distribution of high volumes of files to multiple destinations, including VOD services. It enables NEP The Netherlands to manage, modify and maintain its own workflows to adapt to current and future operations; provides scalability to upgrade the platform according to new media processing and delivery requests; and the ability to choose systems that are the best fit for its operation.

“This is an end-to-end multi-tenant service that can be scaled and adapted to meet the requirements of any media facility regardless of size, number of channels, existing technology or distribution requirements,” explains Esther Mesas, Tedial’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “Tedial’s 17-year technical pedigree and flexibility allows NEP The Netherlands to bring new clients on board, expand its throughput in a managed manner and remove restrictions on the client and business type imposed by limitations in infrastructure and design.” (10/17)