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Vizrt and Imagine announce new option for Imagine’s Versio

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Vizrt and Imagine announce new option for Imagine’s Versio

Vizrt has partnered with Imagine Communications to produce a new option for their fully integrated broadcast, playout software application, Versio. The new option for Versio is an integrated Viz Engine. The option will enable Vizrt’s powerful, live, 3D graphics to be embedded – all powered by the integrated Zenium component.

Vizrt’s Viz Engine rendering solution makes use of GPU processing to enable high-quality, real-time rendering of video. The output of Viz Engine when used within the Versio modular playout environment is time synchronized and sent back to the Versio via the Zenium component using shared memory.

“The integrated solution of Versio and Virt’s Viz Engine will provide our joint customers with the advantage of leveraging their graphics branding from production through to playout - a complete end-to-end workflow”; said Isaac Hersly, Director of Business Development, Vizrt Americas.

Mark Senecal, Vice President of Playout and Networking at Imagine Communications, added, “Vizrt’s Viz Engine provides our customers with a powerful real-time graphics engine to suit their content production requirements. By now offering an integrated solution with Versio and the Viz Engine our customers can simplify their workflows and reduce their total cost of ownership for their whole solution.”

The Vizrt graphics are created using the standard tools such as Viz Artist and stored instantaneously in the Vizrt Graphics Hub, controlled by Viz Multichannel and played out by Viz Engine – offering users a complete workflow.

Versio is a powerful integrated playout solution used worldwide by media companies from small, single-channel to very large, multichannel environments and master control operations. It combines the best of the world’s automation, branding, graphics, file server, storage and master control capabilities in an entirely software-based environment. (4/19)