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ZEPLAY, 2018 NAB, new ownership

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ZEPLAY re-emerges at 2018 NAB show with new ownership

ZEPLAY, an expert in instant replay for sports and live events in the broadcast and commercial AV markets, has announced that the two former Tightrope Media Systems executives have taken ownership of ZEPLAY – and have big plans for its future. More can be seen at NAB 2018 in the StartUp Loft in North Hall at Booth N2632SUL-B.

Andrew Starks and Brandon MacKenzie, Tightrope’s former CEO and VP of Engineering, respectively, have formed a new company, ZEPLAY LLC, with a focus on continued innovation for the established brand. This will include evolving ZEPLAY’s hardware and software with new features and capabilities, to be unveiled at the 2018 NAB Show (April 9-12, Las Vegas Convention Center) with specific details to be announced closer to the event.

Andrew and Brandon’s history with ZEPLAY date more than a decade. As inventor of ZEPLAY, Brandon’s passion for live sports production initially planted the seeds for the product. His goal of bringing an intuitive and affordable solution to market that didn’t require extensive training or specialized operators was realized. ZEPLAY became a solution for production trucks, TV stations and venues seeking to balance professional production requirements with modest budgets.

Meanwhile, as Tightrope’s co-founder and long-time CEO, Andrew was responsible for the strategic business initiatives behind ZEPLAY that established its reputation as the instant replay solution with a high reliability, speed and feature set designed for broadcast and production professionals.

“ZEPLAY is a product that we love to make. It seems like we make a sale with each demonstration, and we are motivated to build on that success,” said Starks. “We are investing heavily in its future with the goal of building on ZEPLAY’s core strength – simplicity – by evolving it for the changing needs of dynamic, live productions. This is especially important in a broadcast market that has rapidly embraced software-oriented solutions, and software has always been the real driving force behind ZEPLAY’s operation.”

The initial roadmap for the company will focus on enhancing the ZEPLAY hardware, which offers its 4x4 replay capability. This allows ZEPLAY operators focus on the live action, while delivering replays and packages with speed. ZEPLAY’s built-in multiviewer, dedicated controller, native multi-format clip import/export capabilities, real-time sequence editing tools, and proven live production track record remain competitive differentiators from a complete price-to-performance perspective.

These trademark operational benefits provide Brandon, who will again focus on product design and engineering, with a strong foundation to innovate for the future of ZEPLAY.

ZEPLAY LLC will exhibit in the StartUp Loft in North Hall at Booth N2632SUL-B. (2/18)