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Berk Uziyel, Chief Executive Officer at SPI International ©SPI

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RAI and FunBox UHD Create Strategic Partnership

SPI will now present the famous opera Carmen on their FunBox UHD world channel and TV app that will be accessible to all viewers in 4K resolution. The Rome Opera House located in Italy introduced their opera performance to RAI in 2018 aiming to reach a wider international audience; that’s where SPI comes in. This one-of-a-kind opera was captured live in 4K and will now be aired globally through SPI’s channel and TV app as SPI acquired worldwide TV and VOD rights.

FUNBOX UHD is a global general entertainment channel broadcast in Ultra HD quality. It features compelling primetime programming including documentaries on nature, wildlife, society, music videos, sports, arts and culture, lifestyle content and more. In addition to linear broadcast FUNBOX UHD is also available as a streaming app on Amazon TV, Samsung TV and numerous local OTT platforms in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

RAI promotes and distributes TV related rights and Italian content in Italy and abroad. Rai created a project called ‘All Opera’ that brings the best Italian operas in cinemas all over the world. 

“We wanted to bring the best of the season from the greatest Italian theaters to the cinema in the world and partnering with SPI will expand our vision to at-home entertainment worldwide,” says Valentina Carrasca, stage director for Carmen. 

“We are proud to announce our partnership with RAI to create our unique RAI-FUNBOX UHD experience that will feature the best Italian opera content captured in breathtaking 4K resolution to our worldwide platform. Our agreement with RAI will only enhance the wide array of content that SPI has to offer,” says Berk Uziyel, Chief Executive Officer at SPI International. (9/18)

pictured: Berk Uziyel, Chief Executive Officer at SPI International ©SPI