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ANNOVA with technology partners at NAB

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ANNOVA with technology partners at NAB

ANNOVA Systems and selected technology partners will showcase a new line-up of innovative technology integrations and smart solutions for broadcasters and media companies at NAB show. The new partners include Codemill, Condat AG, HIAG Data AG, Swiss TXT AG and zdf Digital, who will join the team of exhibitors at the ANNOVA stand (SU 6710).

Michael Schüller, CEO of ANNOVA Systems, said: “We have come together with our dedicated partners to power opportunities for our partners and ourselves. Together we create better outcomes for customers by providing leading-edge solutions.”

Moritz Schall, Business Development Manager, said: “NAB 2018 will be a big leap forward for us in terms of cloud and innovation. The smart solutions from our five booth partners are a great example how innovation can enrich the journalist’s workflows in OpenMedia. The Smart Media Engine from Condat AG demonstrates how semantic can help structuring the cross media research. And having a frame accurate HTML5 player integrated like Accurate Player is key when it comes to the cloud and web UI’s. We are also proud to highlight a fully integrated and cloud-based workflow, connecting the journalist’s production on a smartphone with a newsroom in the cloud, together with our partners HIAG Data AG, SwissTXT and ZDFdigital.”

Annova Systems became part of the SCISYS Group in 2017. Our sister company, SCISYS Deutschland, is presenting its dira! radio and broadcast solutions at booth N 5316.

The five Annova partners at NAB 2018 will showcase the following topics:

Accurate Player

Accurate Player is a frame accurate HTML5 player purpose-built for the media supply chain. The player seamlessly integrates into your workflow. The JavaScript API enables the player to be embedded into any web page or application. Using the REST APIs the player can connect to backend components like databases, MAM systems, QC engines, Ingest tools, transcoders, content recognition engines and much more. Accurate Player will showcase both simple and advanced use case at NAB 2018.

Condat AG

Media solutions provider Condat is showcasing its Smart Media Engine, the leading edge content discovery solution fully integrated in ANNOVAs OpenMedia platform. The Smart Media Engine helps editors to find cross-media content intuitively and enables them develop better stories and to work out new aspects and perspectives.

HIAG Data’s Network-Centric Multi-Cloud

HIAG Data offers its unique Network-Centric Multi-Cloud infrastructure including vendor agnostic PaaS Service Catalog as a Service to Software Vendors, Managed Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators. HIAG Data does not only provide the required software engineering services to get the software solutions on board to the PaaS but also the orchestration of the required resources as a Service (Orchestration as a Service). These Cloud Business Services can be consumed via Public PaaS API by Managed Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers and System Integrators to build upon their own solution and/or integrate it in their own service catalog and provide it to the market.


SWISS TXT is introducing a fully automated workflow – from report to newsroom with the help of artificial intelligence. The automated workflow works like this: Media content is drafted on the move in ZDF Digital reporter app. Thanks to STT and image recognition, the content can then be enriched with subtitles and additional metadata using SWISS TXT's mediahub media management system. The broadcast-ready video is then sent to the newsroom, while the proxy video and metadata go to ANNOVA's OpenMedia system. 

ZDF Digital

ZDF Digital offers a smart phone solution for creating, cutting and distributing videos for social media, web and TV on your smartphone, tablet or desktop – based on your channel, on air or brand design. Faster, cheaper and ready for your workflow! (2/18)