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DPA with new solutions at Prolight + Sound

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DPA with new solutions at Prolight + Sound

At Prolight + Sound from the 12th till 15th of March 2014 (Booth 8:C71), DPA Microphones will be focusing attention on its range of new and better performing microphones for the live stage.


DPA will enhance its Prolight + Sound line-up by showing its d:dicate Recording Microphone range, which delivers high quality audio across many applications including live sound for touring and installation purposes. Now incorporating the new modular MMC4018 Supercardioid Capsule, the MMC4007 High-SPL Omnidirectional Capsule (now re-launched for modular use) and the modular 4000 and 2000 microphones, the d:dicate range allows users to combine various capsules with DPA's state-of-the-art preamps for extra versatility. These preamps include the A, which is a Class A transformerless design; the B, a low cut and high boost filter version; the compact C option for visual unobtrusive miking; and the new modular MMP-E active cable preamp for hanging or table applications. An MMP-F modular boom pole is available for podium or floor stand use of the d:dicate capsules.

The company's d:facto Vocal Microphone will be sporting new grids with gold and nickel finishes – accessories for vocalists who want to add sparkle for their onstage performances. The d:facto Vocal Microphone offers an natural sound with high separation and very good SPL handling, giving users many possibilities for their performances, said DPA. In addition to use with the wired DPA handle, the d:facto provides singers and engineers with the added benefit of a state-of-the-art adapter system, which allows for seamless integration with many professional wireless systems.

DPA will also be using the ProLight + Sound platform to showcase its d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones. Despite its tiny, discreet size and lightweight design, the DPA d:vote clip mic is rugged and stable as it features a versatile and extendable gooseneck, sturdy shock mount and a detachable cable, making it suited to the rigors of touring and live performance. According to the company, it was intended for fast-paced settings, so the mic can easily be unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument with only one hand.

On show for the first time in Europe will be DPA's new d:vote 4099 Rock Touring Kits, which give users a choice between a four-piece or 10-piece Peli case package. The company has also released two similar Classic Touring Kits for classical musicians.

The 10-piece kit includes 10 d:vote microphones, 10 adapters and 25 holders for different instruments adjusted to either rock or classic applications. The four-piece kit includes four d:vote microphones, four adapters and 10 holders.

"With other brands, engineers usually have to use tape to get the mics to stay in place in certain areas that prove to be the best placements. d:vote has clips for all instruments and, with the new kits, engineers have an ingenious solution,” Christian Poulsen says.

DPA is running a daily draw at ProLight + Sound 2014, with the opportunity for a lucky person to win a DPA microphone (d:vote or d:fine single-ear headset). To enter, all visitors have to do is visit the DPA booth (Booth 8:C71) during the day, collect a special pin and then return at 5 pm for the draw. (03/14)