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Fraunhofer IDMT at SXSW 2018presents 3D audio at SXSW

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Fraunhofer IDMT at SXSW 2018presents 3D audio at SXSW

Fraunhofer IDMT presents 3D audio for VR and AR at South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas from March 11-14 together with creative partners MediaApes and Aspekteins, German creative agencies in the vanguard of 360° immersive VR and AR worlds. The collaboration is part of the German delegation attending this year’s SXSW with more than1,000 creative people from both start-up companies and renowned enterprises.

At SXSW 2018, the three partners for the first time will be presenting a new, interactive solution combining Fraunhofer IDMT’s SpatialSound Wave system with various VR and AR worlds developed by MediaApes and Aspekteins. Together with the digital media designers, Fraunhofer IDMT will be showcasing a number of newly developed immersive scenes comprising three-dimensional sound, virtual and augmented reality, and 360° video at the German Pavilion ((Booth #909), Austin Convention Center.

Immersive demonstrations

At the booth, visitors can expect a variety of fascinating audio-visual demonstrations, which will be presented via the Fraunhofer 3D audio setup, partly combined with binaural sound reproduction over headphones. For example, while listening to a classical piece of music, visitors get the chance to discover single instruments both visually and acoustically; riding a virtual reality roller coaster becomes even more breathtaking as visitors at the same time get to listen to amazing 3D sound effects; as astronauts, visitors may go on an experimental space journey; and after going through all these exciting adventures, they may enjoy the comfort of various chill-out zones enriched by atmospheric 3D sound.

”This combination of 3D sound technology with VR, AR, and 360° video will certainly make an impression on visitors”, says René Rodigast, Business Manager Acoustics at Fraunhofer IDMT. “Visual immersion has become state of the art. Combining visual and acoustic immersion creates a new dimension though. Everybody interested in finding out how this looks and sounds like is welcome to visit our booth.”

Sebastian Gsuck, CEO and creative head at MediaApes GmbH, is convinced that the combination of VR, AR, and SpatialSound Wave opens up new creative doors: ”At South by Southwest, we will be demonstrating what is possible integrating AR, VR, and 360° video with 3D sound. These are the technologies that will shape the future. SpatialSound Wave adds perfectly to our toolbox for creating new immersive concepts and formats for entertainment, live events, music, sports, and arts.”

Panel discussion "Augmented Reality and Sound”

Why sound design is getting more and more important for AR and VR applications will be discussed by Sebastian Gsuck, Daniel Guthor (CEO Aspekteins), and other experts at the ”Augmented Reality and Sound” panel on March 11 in the German Haus (Barracuda, 611 E 7th Street). ”Fraunhofer’s SpatialSound Wave is the perfect technology for taking AR and VR to the next level. What we need now are intelligent applications and plausible business models. Our showcases at SXSW will make a significant contribution to this discussion”, says Daniel Guthor. And Sebastian Gsuck is sure: ”In the future, composers will have to conceive of their music in 3D”. (3/17)

pictured: With Fraunhofer IDMT's SpatialSound Wave production interface, object-based, three-dimensional sound worlds are created. © Photo Fraunhofer IDMT