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News: Events launches enhanced videoReferee FC System at IBC 2018

On its booth (8.B40) at IBC 2018,, a supplier of server-based video recording and replay systems, will introduce a complete integrated video assistant referee (VAR) system based on the latest generation of its videoReferee FC.

The system, which has been used for many years across sports such as ice hockey, basketball and handball has now been adapted to accommodate soccer’s recently introduced FIFA obligatory requirements.

Designated videoReferee FC, the compact 4U video server records up to 24 3G/HD channels and has four graphics outputs. It has a separate multi-viewer for all channels capable of displaying live and delayed video.  The system provides two fully functional and independent work places working with live, delayed for 2 seconds or recorded video.  Using the system, sports referees can analyze in-play action frame-by-frame, simultaneously viewing the action from several different camera angles.

Video inputs can be displayed from a single camera, in Quad view (four cameras) or in multi-viewer format for off-site situations. Also, it is possible to quickly perform and prepare analysis of an on-pitch incident at the assistant’s work place (AVAR) and transfer it to the main on-pitch (VAR) system for referees to review during the match.

The videoReferee based VAR system setup includes:

  • Touch-screen monitors
  • Interfaces for integration with Vokkero Intercom system
  • Back-lit red and green buttons for simple event marking and controlling intercom with the referee on the field
  • vR-Keypad, which enables the assistant to mark and label in-play incidents for subsequent or immediate search
  • SDI output for integration within a stadium’s broadcast network

“As we witnessed at the recent FIFA World Cup Finals, VAR technology can revolutionize live sports, taking a lot of pressure from the referees who operate in extremely stressful environments,” commented Michael Gilman, CEO of “We believe our new version of videoReferee will interest numerous other sports administrators and broadcasters.” (7/18)