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The winners of the 70th Engineering Emmy Awards

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The winners of the 70th Engineering Emmy Awards

The Television Academy announced the recipients of the 70th Engineering Emmy Awards honoring an individual, company or organization for developments in broadcast technology. Amongst the winners are: Artemis, cineSync, Codex, Blue Mix-Fi, PRG, CATS Cam and Avid.

Kirsten Vangsness (pictured), star of the CBS drama Criminal Minds, hosts again the awards on Wednesday, October 24, at the JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles L.A. Live. This year's five Engineering Emmy recipients are:

Artemis Digital Director's Viewfinder

Artemis Director's Viewfinder is software for mobile devices that enables filmmakers to accurately pre-visualize shots with specific cameras and lenses before they are physically available. Replacing the traditional optical director's viewfinder with intuitive digital tools, Artemis assists the user in creating storyboard images or videos, adding frame-lines, using virtual stand-ins, and experiment with color grading and so on. The sharing of images, notes and metadata gathered using Artemis enhances the communication between the different filmmaking disciplines, leading to increased creative control and production efficiency. Consequently, Artemis Director's Viewfinder has become an industry standard tool.

cineSync Review and Approval

cineSync has revolutionized the way in which television shows can be pitched, produced and delivered by opening the doors to seamless international collaboration. cineSync users can remotely review and annotate on high-resolution, high-frame-rate video with other participants in any location. Collaborators view the exact same frame at the same time on a platform that delivers the high-level security features of watermarking, guest authentication and encryption that production studios today demand. 

Codex Recording Platform and Capture Media

As television standards have evolved from standard definition recording to high definition, and now to high-dynamic range at 4K resolution and high frame rates, Codex's technology for recording uncompressed RAW digital negatives allows digital storytellers to capture all the detail required for the highest quality final product. Codex has proven itself an essential industry game-changer. 

Blue Mix-Fi Headphones

Blue Mix-Fi headphones enable users to produce mixes that translate accurately from headphone to near field monitors to the wall and beyond. The Mix-Fi design allows for independent pre-mixing on loud-mix stages and prevents ear fatigue by exposing details without the need to boost volume levels. Thanks to its unique performance and accuracy, Mix-Fi has been widely adopted by re-recording and production mixers, supervising sound editors, sound designers and music editors.

PRG GroundControl Followspot
PRG's introduction of the PRG GroundControl Followspot System has made a major impact on safe working conditions. Working from the stage floor and via fiber optic cable, operators direct a high-output, automated luminaire. The followspot's onboard HD camera, outfitted with optical zoom and night vision capacity, provides set designers and lighting directors efficiencies in overall rig weight, reduction in space usage (including "seat kills") and increased flexibility for camera placements. Designers now have total creative freedom to put followspots in previously impractical places, avoid complex rigging and place operators on the floor. The PRG GroundControl Followspot System has become an essential lighting asset for the wide variety of studio and remote locations used by awards, reality and concert programs.

Engineering Plaque for CATS Cam

The Engineering Plaque honors achievements that exhibit a high level of engineering and are important to the progress of the industry. The Engineering Plaque is a positive recognition of engineering achievements on a different level of technology and overall industry importance than the Engineering Emmy. This year the Engineering Plaque goes to
CATS Cam offereing a unique application of video technology that gives wildlife filmmakers an unparalleled ability to obtain footage from an animal's point of view without disturbing its natural behavior. Capable of recording up to 36 hours of image and sound on a multisensory-controlled video camera with maximum 4K resolution, CATS Cam can be programmed to record in different lighting situations, including infrared for nocturnal shoots. CATS Cam has resulted in an extraordinary level of access and understanding of the natural world for scientists and viewing audiences alike. 

The Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award for Avid

The Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award honors an agency, company or institution whose contributions over time have substantially impacted television technology and engineering. This year it goes to Avid. The jury underlines: Upon its founding 30 years ago, Avid broke new ground by reimagining and restructuring how television and film content was created with its revolutionary non-linear editor, which was the first to digitize video. Since then, Avid has grown its commitment to innovation by delivering products that accelerate the entire content ecosystem and connect people everywhere through media. With millions of users and thousands of media companies worldwide relying on the company's innovative technology and collaborative tools, Avid makes it possible for participants across media to tell stories and report news that entertains, informs and enlightens the world.

And the The Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring a living individual whose ongoing contributions have significantly affected the state of television technology and engineering, goes to Wendy Aylsworth. (10/18)

pictured: Kirsten Vangsness hosts the 70th Engineering Emmy Awards ©Television Academy