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Incubation Programme for Media Start-ups

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Incubation Programme for Media Start-ups

The TF1 Group Innovation Division and Paris&Co are signing a partnership agreement to create an incubator for young, innovative businesses tackling the topic of "New Products and Services".

Given that digital is a powerful growth driver for TF1 and that differentiating digital services is a strategic imperative, it is crucial to continuously try out new, innovative solutions as part of a "test and learn" approach.

TF1 Group and Paris&Co are combining their expertise to launch this corporate incubation* programme. The goal for TF1 is to collaborate with young enterprises that can offer novel solutions to address the major challenges facing the group in order to develop synergies, experiment and form business partnerships with the entities of the TF1 group.

Applications will be accepted during a four-week period from 31 August to 27 September (midnight) 2015 to select the companies that will join this incubation programme. Interested businesses can apply by visiting:

The chosen start-ups will enjoy 12 months of access to a unique environment that combines the know-how of Paris&Co and the industry expertise of TF1 Group.

Olivier Abecassis, CEO of eTF1 and Director of Innovation for TF1 Group, adds: "This initiative will allow TF1 Group to forge close partnerships with innovative, agile companies, such as start-ups and SMEs, in particular by exploring new pathways. We believe in a virtuous exchange that is a win-win between the industrial approach and the start-up ecosystem, which is quick and innovative. We are pleased to team up with the Paris&Co incubation programme to identify the start-ups that can help us develop new services and products and thus develop new businesses.” (9/15)