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NEP supports broadcast of Super Bowl

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NEP supports broadcast of Super Bowl

NEP is on site preparing for the Super Bowl with 24 production trailers and 80 staff in Arizona. Collectively, they will support eight different broadcast and cable clients and cover multiple shows, including the domestic and international feeds of the game, several shoulder programs and the halftime festivities.

“We are thrilled to be supporting broadcasts at the Super Bowl once again,” said Mike Werteen, co-president of NEP’s US Mobile Unit operations. “If viewing habits remain true, this event will again be the most watched television show of 2015. It’s a big responsibility we have, supporting our broadcast and cable partners on a production of this size and scale, and we embrace the challenge. Some of our staff on site have been supporting Super Bowls for literally decades. Having that much experience at an event this large makes an incredible difference.”

“With our scale, we are also able to put a tremendous amount of firepower behind this event,” adds NEP US Mobile Unit’s Co-President, Glen Levine. “We have the fleet to provide 24 trailers, the resources to provide all of the cable and equipment, the staff to provide a huge engineering and technical support infrastructure, we can loop in the manufacturers for on-site support, and most importantly, bring the most experience in the industry.”

NEP began supporting broadcasts of the Super Bowl in the 1980’s. In 1996, they were the sole broadcast facilities provider for game coverage for the first time. Since then, they have had a presence at every single Super Bowl - supporting main game coverage all but four years and the halftime show most years as well. (1/15)