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Stage Tec equipment at World Ski Championships 2017

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Stage Tec equipment at World Ski Championships 2017

The host broadcaster SRG (Swiss Radio and Television Company) and tpc will be using Stage Tec technology at this year's Ski World Cup. The Swiss production company tpc ordered 15 NEXUS basic devices and other Stage Tec products to spread the global signal.

At this year's Ski World Cup in St. Moritz, Stage Tect will install 15 NEXUS base units along the ski slopes. They are connected to each other via glass fiber cables. The number of cables are limited and all communication signals, such as sound, video and control signals, must be sent via the same cable. While planning the event it was an important facor to be able to cascade several basic devices. NEXUS provides the camera and microphone signal transmission into the TV compound.

Nexus star router as main switchboard for signal distribution

The incoming optical fibers of the NEXUS network are installed in the TV compound on a NEXUS STAR router, which is installed in a tpc trolley. The router serves as a temporary main switch room, from which the various lines lead to the Ü-weighs of the connected broadcasting stations.

Aurus and CRESCENDO consoles for the production of main and extra feeds

Four tpc and SRG OB vans are equipped with NEXUS networks as well as AURUS consoles from Stage Tec. They ditstribute the opening ceremonies, all ski races, the victory ceremonies and the graduation ceremony. [Nbsp]

In addition to the Aurus consoles, two Stage Tec CRESCENDOs are used in smaller sub directions, producing additional feeds, such as the "WorldFeed plus", which is intended to provide the rightholders with additional impressions and raw material around the ski races.