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Grass Valley Infrastructure Products for NBC Olympics

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Grass Valley Infrastructure Products for NBC Olympics

Grass Valley supplies NBC Olympics with Infrastructure Products such as multiformat IP signals and conversion along with routing and facility monitoring for the Production of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.

Grass Valley has been supplying infrastructure solutions to NBC Olympics since 2006, and in 2018 is again providing a number of solutions that will enhance NBC Olympics’ production efficiency within NBC’s studios inside the International Broadcast Center in PyeongChang. The SME-1901 Streaming Encoder is filling an important role, providing multiformat video/audio over IP and featuring 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs. This capability offers tremendous flexibility, enabling the NBC Olympics production team to view video feeds from any camera directly, as well as edit low- and high-resolution content from their desktop or laptop computers.

The SME-1901 accepts any video format and provides two H.264 streams, one high resolution and one low resolution, and is housed in the Densité 3+ FR4 Frame alongside the XVP-3901, which handles all essential video, audio and metadata signal processing functions on a single module. The XVP-3901 offers up/down/cross conversion, color space conversion, frame synchronization, audio embedding and de-embedding and supports fiber optical I/O.

To help ensure the highest quality content and seamless movement of signals throughout the production, NBC Olympics is using Grass Valley’s iControl Customized End-to-End Facility Monitoring and Control system. With iControl, the team is building an integrated monitoring and control surface for QC operators, consolidating multiple key functions into a single interface for greater efficiency, such as control of XVP-3901, monitoring of WFM feed and control of the QC router. iControl also improves the flow by allowing operators to select feeds that they wish to pay more attention to.

Grass Valley is providing a range of other solutions to NBC Olympics for coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics. These include:

  • Densité Remote Control Panel for Densité cards
  • Three NVISION 8500 HYBRID routers with a highly intuitive graphical interface and simplified video/audio signal processing and control
  • NVISION Compact CQX router providing clean and quiet outputs for 3G/HD/SD signals and six auxiliary outputs for preview or monitoring to enable seamless video and audio transitions
  • LUMO Series High Density Fiber Converter to greatly streamline the cabling for the production with a 1 RU frame and 36 SFP-based fiber converters
  • 34 Kaleido-IP Multiviewers for monitoring both IP and SDI sources on one monitor

To assist with production needs at remote venues in South Korea, Grass Valley is providing three NVISION 8500 HYBRID routers and Kaleido multiviewers, solutions that will be deployed by NBC Olympics anywhere a flypack is used. (2/18)