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bebob and ARRI present new 24V Battery Mount

Munich battery manufacturer bebob and ARRI have cooperated in order to meet the increasing power consumption of modern cameras and lighting with a sustainable solution. In close consultation with ARRI, the bebob engineers developed the B- Mount. ARRI will be using the B-Mount for all its future cameras.

Modern digital cameras are increasingly pushing the performance limits of the established V- Mount and Gold-Mount 12 Volt systems. The newly developed B-Mount interface has several decisive advantages compared to its predecessors.
The new B-Mount provides 24 Volt high-power but is also equipped to support multi-voltage use (both 12 Volt and 24 Volt). This adaptability to the respective needs of compatible devices makes it possible to supply all devices on set with a single B-Mount battery system.
With the development of the new mount, special attention was paid to engineering a stable, robust design with smooth mechanics that feature seamless interlocking of individual components.
The B-Mount interface is open to all manufacturers. To ensure universal battery communication, an open protocol has been established to eliminate the complication of requiring various data transmission protocols for different device configuration. With the introduction of the B-Mount, ARRI and bebob aim to create a new, universal 24 Volt industry standard. The specifications for the interface have been made accessible and shared with various manufacturers in recent months.
“Since the introduction of our ALEXA LF, we have been looking for a 24 V standard, which will make it easier to work on set in the future. Bebob has now created a fitting solution with the new B-Mount,” says Stephan Schenk, Managing Director of ARRI Cine Technik, responsible for ARRI's Business Unit Camera Systems.
Christoph Aust, Managing Director at bebob comments: “We are very honored that ARRI supports the development of this important project. Besides its high-power capability, we consider the multi-voltage concept of the B-Mount interface to be a real game changer— therefore we will be presenting our first series of bi-voltage batteries with matching accessories at NAB.”
Visitors of NAB can gain a first impression of the new B-Mount battery interface at the stands of ARRI (Central Hall - C6325) and bebob (Central Hall - C8436).
bebob will showcase various B-Mount bi-voltage batteries and B-Mount chargers as well as matching hot swap adapters and battery plates.