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Facilis presents additions to TerraBlock Version 7

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Facilis presents additions to TerraBlock Version 7

Facilis Technology, a supplier of shared storage solutions, announced the new Facilis Hub Server, a performance aggregator that can be added to new and existing TerraBlock systems and a new browser-based, mobile compatible Web Console that delivers enhanced workflow and administration. The new solutions will be unveiled at NAB 2017 on booth SL7920.

TerraBlock Hub Server

Increasing media file sizes, and 4K, HDR and VR workflows continually put pressure on facility infrastructure. The Facilis Hub Server uses a new architecture to optimize drive sets and increase the bandwidth available from standard TerraBlock storage systems. New customers will benefit from customized Hub Server Stacks with enhanced system redundancy and data resiliency, while, according to the producer, delivering near-linear scalability of bandwidth when expanding the network.

New Web Console

The new Facilis Web Console increases the efficiency of administrative tasks, and improves the end-user experience. The modernized browser-based and mobile-compatible interface delivers enhanced functionality and removes barriers to creativity. It offers dynamic bandwidth monitoring and server performance reporting in a unified system dashboard. Easy client setup, upgraded remote volume management and a more integrated user database are among the additional improvements. The web console also supports Remote Volume Push to remotely mount volumes onto any client workstations.


As the number of files and storage continue to increase, organizations are realizing they need some type of asset tracking system to aid them in moving and finding files in their workflow. Many hesitate to invest in traditional MAM systems due to complexity, cost, and potential workflow impact.

“FastTracker has found just the right balance for many customers,” says James McKenna, VP of Marketing & Pre-Sales at Facilis Technology. “Many administrators tell us they are hesitant to invest in traditional asset management systems because they worry it will change the way their editors work. Our FastTracker Asset Tracking software is included with every TerraBlock system. It’s simple but comprehensive, and doesn’t require users to overhaul their workflow.”

12Gb/s SAS

Although traditional hard disk based servers deliver great value and performance, particularly in conjunction with the new Hub Server, Facilis will also be shipping 12Gb SSD systems that are the fastest shared storage systems in the smallest form factor available. (3/17)