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Gearhouse launches 12 camera HD-Flyaways

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Gearhouse launches 12 camera HD-Flyaways

Gearhouse Broadcast France launches two identical 12 camera HD all-in-one Flyaway production units. The flexible and cost effective modular solutions are suited for live sports and entertainment productions and are tailored to specific onsite or remote production needs. The units house up to ten workstations.

The Flyaways are fully integrated to include video and audio distribution and routing capabilities, camera control, communications systems and master control rigs. A high specification of design and build, they support up to 12 Sony HDC-1700 cameras, and two EVS XT3 Channel Max servers, with various sound and talkback possibilities.

The new customisable Flyaways come in robust 32RU or 20RU flight cases, depending on a customer’s requirements. Their modular design means that the systems can be scaled up or down as needed, and come with detailed technical drawings so that the infrastructure can be seen at a glance. Gearhouse also provides extensive onsite support and experienced production crews if required.

Gearhouse has built up an impressive reputation in designing, integrating and operating flyaway systems over the years. Most recently, its high-profile OBPod has been used by Sky Sports to produce its Formula 1 coverage. It has also provided flyaway systems on a range of projects including FIFA World Cups, UEFA European championships, grand slam tennis, within studio environments and even deep in the jungle for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

“Gearhouse Flyaways offer a powerful all-in-one production solution on a small footprint, making it more economical to operate than larger alternatives,” said Eamonn Dowdall, Chief Revenue Officer at Gravity Media Group. “It is built on our proven modular design, so it can be set up or broken down quickly, and easily scales to a production’s individual needs. And because Gearhouse has experience of transporting large amounts of equipment around the world, we know the best way of getting it to any location and ensuring it operates in any environment”. (10/17)