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5G field trial with 4K HDR video content

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5G field trial with 4K HDR video content

ATEME announced that its video compression technology is used by Arqiva and Samsung Electronics to conduct a field trial of 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology. It is taking place from July to December 2017 in central London and involves the deployment of an end-to-end 5G FWA, operating in the 28GHz band.

The trial objectives are to demonstrate the stability of 5G FWA and its market potential as a technological alternative to fiber for homes and businesses as well as its ability to foster new use cases outside of traditional smart device mobile connectivity.

For this event, Arqiva provides the infrastructure and mmWave spectrum required to operate Samsung’ 5G end to end system, which leverages advanced technologies such as beam-forming and virtualization to achieve ultra-high-bandwidth connectivity between Samsung’s 5G Network and its Customer Premises Equipment.

On top of it, ATEME is assisting the trial by transcoding the 4K content in HDR with its TITAN software-based encoder-transcoder which delivers the highest video quality at lower bitrate. The trial has already demonstrated a stable two-way mmWave link with downlink speeds of around 1Gb per second at the CPE, allowing for the potential simultaneous streaming of more than 25 UHD 4K TV channels.

TITAN is a multi-codec/format video transcoding software for mezzanine, STB and ABR VOD, post-production, playout and archive applications. According to ATEME, it is a virtualized software-based solution, hardware agnostic, delivering high video quality at high density. ATEME’s ‘software modules approach provides even more flexibility to combine:  any input/output, any CODEC, any resolution, from an encoder to a video headend in a box.

TITAN can run on any commercial off-the-shelf server, in any environment, removing all infrastructure constraints and reducing time-to-market and OPEX.

“Arqiva and Samsung’s trial is demonstrating the power of 5G to deliver gigabit speeds, in due course this will enable end users to access multiple 4K video streams along with a range of other high bandwidth content and applications.” said Jonathan Freeman, product and technology director, telecoms & M2M, Arqiva.

“One of the goals of this trial is to show the benefits that 5G Fixed Wireless Access can bring to end users,” said Daniel Borrás, head of marketing and business strategy at Samsung Networks Europe. “With ATEME’s technology and expertise in video delivery, we showed that we can stream multiple high quality 4K HDR channels over a 5G link without any buffering. The speeds provided by 5G enable a level of video quality that puts 5G FWA in the league of high-speed fixed broadband technologies based on fiber." (9/17)