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Mohamad Naim Al Said, Engineering Department Director, Al Rayyan

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Quatari Al Rayyan TV chooses Dalet Galaxy five

Al Rayyan TV, a subsidiary of the Al Rayyan Media and Marketing Company in Quatar, has centralized all of its media operations on the Dalet Galaxy five media platform. The TV channel is known for its Qatari cultural programming, offering a range of in-house and locally produced entertainment, magazines and news-oriented shows.

The enterprise-wide revamp of the technical infrastructure is part of the broadcaster’s move to its new state-of-the-art broadcast facility located in Souq Waqif, Doha. With Dalet Galaxy five underpinning the operation, the Al Rayyan TV team can seamlessly connect each stage of the workflow, managing content from the moment it arrives at the facility onto the production of programs to distribution over satellite, digital and social media channels from one platform. The fluid Dalet Galaxy five-driven workflow brings significant productivity gains to all aspects of the media operation, improving not only program time to air, but the overall quality of program packages with more time dedicated to content creation.

Mohamad Naim Al Said (pictured), Engineering Department Director, Al Rayyan, explains: “The business goal driving this upgrade is to meet the needs and expectations of the Qatari viewers and expatriates for a more robust program offering. Since we are a tapeless environment and to allow our teams to produce and share content internally much more efficiently, accelerating our production schedules while dedicating more time to crafting high-quality packages, we decided to go with Dalet Galaxy 5 as a collaborative software that centralizes our valuable assets under one single system. The underlying media asset management and workflow orchestration functionality allows us to exchange content seamlessly from one department to another, setting the stage for expanding our program production and delivery options. Two main sections of Al Rayyan Engineering Department such as MCR, Ingest, and Broadcast IT Teams which are being headed by Ghandi Elghotmi and Riyaz Mirza respectively, planned, initiated and completed the work tirelessly with SMC and Dalet during the launching of Dalet MAM System on the migration project.”Ghandi Elghotmi and Riyaz Mirza

The full implementation of Dalet Galaxy five allows Al Rayyan to build an end-to-end digital content supply chain that connects and unifies all operations and processes from ingest to post-production, to distribution over satellite and social media channels, to archives. Key components include a centralized content catalogue (MAM), search and media management; seamless collaboration between all users, including editors on Adobe Premiere Pro CC through Dalet Xtend; centralized ingest management through Dalet Brio video server, and Dalet AmberFin scalable transcoding. Production and management teams across the operations can easily access the archives, having more options for program content thanks to seamless integration through the Dalet API.

Dalet Professional Services and local business partner Salam Media Cast collaborate with Al Rayyan Team through the entire process from architecting the new technical system, designing the new production and programming workflows, to implementing the solution, training the various user groups and support.

Dalet’s Johann Zemmour, general manager of Dalet EMEA and APAC comments: “Dalet Galaxy five gives Al Rayyan a full-fledged content production, management and distribution platform that eliminates the legacy siloed organisation. It is a new agile, foundation backed by a team of experts that can help them make the leap forward. They can now leverage emerging technologies such as AI, adapt faster and create new efficiencies that will allow them to expand their programming beyond the expectations of their audience.” (3/19)

pictured: Mohamad Naim Al Said, Engineering Department Director, Al Rayyan ©Dalet

pictured: Ghandi Elghotmi and Riyaz Mirza ©Dalet