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News: Technology

Ross presents new Software-Defined Processing Platform

As part of the Ross Live | 2020 program, Ross launches softGear, a brand new signal processing platform that draws its design and methodology from Ross Video’s openGear ecosystem and the company´s experience of providing interoperable systems. [Read more]

News: Technology

Riedel adopts intoPIX TICO-XS FPGA IP-Cores

intoPIX, a provider of innovative image processing and compression technologies,announced that Riedel Communications has integrated the new TICO-XS solution. Riedel will deliver a new range of JPEG-XS-enabled SFPs and processing hubs for ST 2110 live production. [Read more]

News: Technology

InfinitySet 4 to enhance virtual production workflows

Brainstorm announced the availability of InfinitySet 4, a major upgrade to the renowned virtual studio and AR solution that includes a number of unique features designed to enhance content creation and output. In addition to a tighter integration and control of Unreal Engine, InfinitySet 4 provides advanced features like simultaneous renders, multiple outputs and additional hardware support for Unreal Engine workflows. [Read more]

News: Production

Hardwell takes Genelec on holiday

The ongoing relationship between Hardwell, Genelec and studio designer Jan Morel has created a third recording facility, with the completion of the DJ and producer’s holiday home studio in Curacao. The new facility offers a completely different look and feel from Hardwell’s main studio in the Netherlands, but with the same reference sound quality and low end control thanks to Genelec studio monitors and subwoofers. [Read more]

News: Technology

Neutrik presents new mediaCON products

In times of increasing digitalization and booming conference technology Neutrik presents the new USB-C mediaCON series. It includes robust, lockable USB Type-C cables and panel sockets. All components are designed for data rates up to 10 GB/s (USB 3.1), 100 W power and 10,000 mating cycles. [Read more]

News: Technology

TVU Portable Cellular Transmitter now with Integrated 5G Modem

TVU Networks, a provider of IP and cloud based live video solutions, announced that its flagship TVU One cellular mobile transmitter is now shipping with an integrated 5G modem. [Read more]

News: Events

First virtual VR AR Global Summit starts in June

The first virtual VR AR Global Summit will be held June 1-3, with more than 200 speakers, including VR and AR experts from Accenture, IBM, Korea Telecom, and more, and exhibitors, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Varjo, Vive, HP, and more. [Read more]

News: Technology

Nevion’s Service Operations Center monitors TV 2 IP Network

TV 2, the largest commercial television broadcaster in Norway, is using Nevion’s Service Operations Center (SOC) to provide proactive support and monitoring of its IP media network operations. [Read more]

News: Technology

Ross updates for Camera Motion Systems

As part of the Ross Live | 2020 program, Ross Video announced enhancements to its Camera Motion Systems: A new inverted S2 Lift for the Furio SkyDolly ceiling-mounted rail-based robotic camera system, an extention of MotionDirector motion control algorithms and a new free control system for Furio and CamBot Pan/Tilt heads and Pivot PTZ Cameras. [Read more]