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PTZ Camera System RoboEye2

Best of Show Award for RoboEye2

At the IBC 2019 Telemetrics, a specialist in camera robotics and control products, boldly addressed customers looking to reduce the cost of highly precise camera robotics systems with the introduction of the PT-CP-S5 Compact Robotic Pan/Tilt Head and PT-RE-2 “RoboEye2”. The integrated PTZ Camera System received the “Best Of Show’ award vom TVB Europe.

The innovative RoboEye2 was recognized with an IBC2019 “Best Of Show’ award from the Editors of TVB Europe Magazine in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where it was shown for the very first time.
“Both the PT-CP-S5 and RoboEye2 robotic camera systems answer the call for lower-cost robotic studio operations without compromising the high quality or operational efficiency found in our entire line of pan/tilt heads,” said Michael Cuomo, Vice President of Telemetrics. “We’ve identified a whole new generation of production operations looking for value and the ability to pick their camera of choice. We’re proud to accept the Best Of Show Award for the RoboEye2 and we think this will be a big hit with broadcasters and others around the world cost-effectively producing video with the latest 4K/HD cameras.”
The RoboEye2 (PT-RE-2) is an aesthetically pleasing indoor robotic camera system that includes a lightweight 4K/HD broadcast camera with zoom lens fully integrated to a newly developed compact pan/tilt head. The system’s robotic servo controls use motors of ultra-high position and velocity accuracy, which makes RoboEye2 the perfect choice for use with augmented reality or virtual systems – without any required peripherals. In fact, the system is VR-ready out of the box. All positional information can be sent to render engines for seamless AR/VR projects.
A network interface allows users to access video and control online, while also accommodating SDI and HDMI interfaces. The RoboEye2 comes ready for use and includes a universal mounting bracket that accommodates wall-, ceiling- and shelf-mounted installations. The system’s rugged design satisfies military applications as well as demanding commercial and industrial applications where high reliability and smooth and accurate camera performance are critical.

More New Products, Features And Capability
At the annual trade show the company introduced its new RCCP-2A Robotic Camera Control Panel to European customers, which won several “Best of Show” awards at the NAB Convention in April and brings user configuration and operator ease of use to a whole new level. The company’s exhibit stand also featured the innovative OmniGlide™ Robotic Roving Platform; a new air conditioning option for the PT-WP-S5 weatherproof housing; and the company’s Televator™ elevating pedestals and customizable TeleGlide™ track systems.

More fully featured than any Pan Tilt system in its class, the new PT-CP-S5 is specifically designed to support the new generation of smaller, high-performance professional 4K/HD cameras (and lens) weighing up to 15 pounds. It enables users to mount the latest compact 4K/HD camera of their choice from such leading manufacturers as Blackmagic Design, Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony. Like the other products in its pan/tilt portfolio, the new Telemetrics PT-CP-S5 features high-quality robotic servo controls that leverage robust and reliable motors to deliver fast, ultra-high positional and velocity accuracy. This high accuracy makes the PT-CP-S5 the perfect choice for use with augmented reality or virtual systems.

Other features of the PT-CP-S5 include PoE (Power over Ethernet) inputs, full servo flexibility, and a web-based GUI that makes it easy to operate remotely. The system also offers multiple configuration choices to accommodate a broader range of applications with space limitations. The processor unit can be mounted on the cradle, below the head, or detached completely from the PT-CP-S5 to minimize the unit’s physical footprint.

All of Telemetrics’ pan/tilt heads are tailored for broadcast TV studios, government and large room surveillance, and ensure high reliability and smooth and accurate robotic camera performance for a wide range of remote control applications.

Publicly shown for the first time in Europe, the RCCP-2A controller leverages all of the field-proven experience of its predecessor RCCP-1A panel and adds more intelligence and a new hardware interface with more features and a series of TeleKeys™ that automatically respond to what the user is doing in real-time.
It features two integrated joysticks that allow the control of the PT heads and camera framing and the camera’s movement along a track system or, if used with the Telemetrics OmniGlide Roving Platform (RRP-1), help control its XY plane as well as the camera’s elevation on a pedestal (such as the Telemetrics Televator elevating pedestal). The second joystick also accommodates left- and right-handed operators. The new panel also features six user-configurable “Hot TeleKeys,” also with programmable picture icons, which provides much simpler customization of the user interface.
The RCCP-2A is fully backward compatible with its predecessor, the RCCP-1A, so operators can use new RCCP-2A panel next to an existing RCCP-1A and they will work together seamlessly.
All-Weather Camera System
The PT-WP-S5 weatherproof housing was shown with a new Mini Air Conditioner option, which is designed to maintain a consistent temperature inside the housing, even under the most extreme heat conditions. This avoids overheating of the camera inside the housing, ensuring reliable unmanned operations.
“PoolCam” Underwater Camera System
Also now available from Telemetrics is the new PL-HOUL-S5 PoolCam underwater robotic camera system supports digital cameras with interchangeable lenses for crystal clear image capture at depths of up to six meters. It features Ethernet connectivity, 7.5 Vdc power for the camera, an anti-fog system and a universal easy-mount interface. The rugged underwater system is rated for IP 68 Ingression protection. (10/19)

picture: PTZ Camera System RoboEye2 ©Telemetrics


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