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AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G

AJA Announces OG-12GDA-2x4 openGear 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifier

AJA Video Systems announced the OG-12GDA-2x4, an openGear 12G-SDI distribution amplifier, featuring support for High Dynamic Range video and Ross Video DashBoard software for remote monitoring.

Designed for critical broadcast, OB truck and live event production environments, OG-12GDA-2x4 features dual-channel inputs for incoming 12G-SDI signals, with reclocking of the distributed signals to dual 4x 12G-SDI outputs. In an AJA OG-X-FR openGear frame, this allows for incredibly high density with up to 20x 12G-SDI inputs distributed to a total of 80x 12G-SDI outputs when fully loaded with ten cards.
OG-12GDA-2x4 features compatibility with OGX, OG3 and DFR-8321 openGear frames, and DashBoard software support on Windows, macOS and Linux for flexible device control and monitoring over a local network or remotely.

OG-12GDA-2x4 features include:

-- Dual 1x4 12G-SDI openGear Distribution Amplifiers
-- Dual 1x 12G-SDI BNC inputs
-- Dual 4x noninverting 12G-SDI BNC outputs
-- Format agnostic 270 Mbps – 12 Gbps video formats
-- Automatic input equalization and output reclocking
-- Support for HDR video
-- Passes embedded audio, all ancillary data including closed caption and time code
-- Input Present and Input SMPTE Lock LEDs
-- 10x 12G-BNC rear connector module included
-- Power: 4.5 watts
-- Hot swappable
-- DashBoard Support with OGX, OG3 and DFR-8321 openGear frames
-- Five-year warranty

“To address the rigorous demands of modern production environments, we strive to provide our customers with powerful, new technologies for more flexible and failsafe workflows,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “We’re excited to introduce the OG-12GDA-2x4, our first 12G-SDI openGear card, to seamlessly integrate into higher bandwidth 12G-SDI workflows that support higher resolution, large raster content at higher framerates with less cabling.” (11/19)

picture: AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G ©AJA


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