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AJA Joins Panasonic KAIROS Alliance

AJA Joins Panasonic KAIROS Alliance

AJA Video Systems has joined Panasonic’s KAIROS Alliance Partners program as a verified hardware partner for the new KAIROS IP live video production platform. AJA’s product range of IP ST 2110 Mini-Converters are compatible with KAIROS via simple integration, including transmitter and receiver models IPT-10G2-HDMI, IPT-10G2-SDI, IPR-10G2-HDMI and IPR-10G2-SDI.

AJA is actively supporting streamlined IP Mini-Converter integration with KAIROS and collaborating with Panasonic to establish KAIROS as a new standard for live production, offering optimized performance and video quality for live workflows.

“As remote production continues gaining traction in 2020, IP solutions are critical for ensuring production crews are able to control equipment from any location and collaborate at safe distances. AJA’s partnership with Panasonic around KAIROS further improves IP workflows for live production, with our powerful fleet of IP Mini-Converters for bridging HDMI and SDI with IP fully integrated with KAIROS and Panasonic’s live switching platform,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

“KAIROS is an IP native system and it is a key factor for KAIROS that it seamlessly connects with baseband systems. We are very happy to have a partnership with AJA. The IP Mini-Converters from AJA give customers very efficient I/O for our ST 2110 native system. Their high usability makes it ideal for live production or remote production with KAIROS.” said, Kageyuki (Kenny) Fuimoto, lead manager of KAIROS Alliance, Panasonic Corporation.

AJA IP ST 2110 Mini-Converters are designed for the transmission, transport and reception of IP video for both encoding and decoding. AJA IP ST 2110 Mini-Converters provide a bridge between baseband and IP video and are rugged, compact and reliable for handling rigorous live production workflows. For more information, (10/20)


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