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Boxx TV wireless solutions at NAB and MPS

Boxx TV wireless solutions at NAB and MPS

Boxx TV, a supplier of digital microwave solutions for the broadcast industry, introduced a new 4K sub-frame wireless link at NAB 2019 and showcased the latest advances to its Atom and Atom Lite systems. The companys wireless solutions will be presented at Media Production Show (MPS) on stand 112 by Zero Division (June 11/12 2019, at London Olympia).

Zero Division specialises in the hiring of wireless video transmission solutions, as well as providing engineering and consulting services to optimise client’s experience and outcome.

At NAB 2019 Boxx TV demonstrates a prototype showing that sub-frame 4K wireless is not only conceptually possible, but has very much become a reality. It presented the results of its ground-breaking research as a high performance 4K/UHD wireless solution which not only delivers the extremely low latency that directors and camera operators need but will operate in the 5GHz license-exempt spectrum making the breakthrough not only functional and versatile, but most importantly, affordable to all.

Scott Walker, Co-Founder, Boxx TV, explained, “Unlike alternative systems which work within licensed frequencies and are way too expensive for most production needs, our solution will work in license-free channels. The intelligent radios we use can steer around interference, instantly enabling a highly efficient system with very low latency at a much more affordable price.”

Walker added, “We have cracked sub-frame 4K technology and we are now throwing this breakthrough over to the market to tell us what you want to do with it. NAB is such an international show we are interested in talking to a global audience about exactly what they require now that 4K sub-frame wireless is here.”

On release the solution will be offered with an upgrade path for users working in HD today to segue easily into 4K as productions demand.

Also at NAB 2019, Boxx TV showcased the Atom range of HD wireless solutions which now includes timecode and record trigger on all systems. Compact and lightweight, the Atom Transmitter offers an SDI loop and HDMI input, ideal for use with Steadicam, portable field monitoring, and UAV video links.

As with all Atom products, both the Atom and Atom Lite systems are fully cross-compatible and will work with all systems, current and new.

Walker concludes, “With increasing competition in the zero delay HD market we are finding a lot of return customers who value the performance and ease of use in the way our product works. The thing that consistently impresses customers, existing and new, and keeps our customers loyal is the fact that multiple Atom systems can work in the same area. On set of the most high-profile reality shows we commonly have eight Boxx systems working all at once – that’s something our competitors simply cannot do.” (5/19)


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