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CGI with innovations for remote and field newsroom
Michael Thielen, Media Solutions Vice President at CGI

CGI with innovations for remote and field newsroom

AT NAB Show 2022 CGI, one of the leading newsroom and radio system provider in Europe, highlighted how its array of new media solutions is solving the critical challenges of modern broadcasters and radio stations, as TV meets radio and merges with online and social in the teeth of the global pandemic.

“Being able to meet customers and industry friends at NAB 2022 provides a great opportunity to present the many new services and capabilities we have introduced since the last in-person show three years ago,” says Michael Thielen, Vice President, Radio Solutions at CGI. “Post pandemic, workflows across news organizations have changed. With team members now looking to be able to work remotely or in a hybrid/on-prem digital workspace, the need for effective tools that empower employee flexibility is becoming more urgent. We are excited to demonstrate innovations that enable your employees to work wherever they want and still be firmly connected and an integral part of the news team.”

Visitors at NAB 2022 will have an opportunity to discuss the new array of solutions and services CGI offers to enable news broadcasters to create and deliver exceptional news content for more audiences across more platforms. Learn how CGI’s OpenMedia platform has helped major broadcasters like the BBC shift to a true multi-platform, content-centric news organization. Discover how CGI are taking OpenMedia out of the newsroom and giving field journalists and remote workers powerful mobile-based tools to create, manage and deliver news on the go.

The new innovations CGI is showcasing at NAB include:

  • NewsBoard - With its modern and unified web user interface, OpenMedia NewsBoard enables journalists and editorial teams to organize their story centric planning and production processes from anywhere. The highly customizable architecture allows newsrooms to adapt their systems to their individual needs. Free configurable Board and widget structure supports transparency in dynamic collaboration within distributed teams. NewsBoard comes with a completely re-designed architecture, a modern, intuitive User Interface that is fully modular and is Cloud-friendly. It’s one further step to re-design of the OpenMedia platform, that CGI’s leading newsroom solution is currently undergoing to better meet future requirements
  • ReporterApp – The ReporterApp for Android and iOS allows reporters in the field to automatically stay connected to their newsroom at all times, wherever they are in the world. Built on a cloud-native architecture and fully integrated with OpenMedia, field journalists and remote workers now have all the tools within reach to research multiple sources including agency wire feeds; scan events and topics; check contact details and collaborate on content
  • dira! Dimension – The solution to the challenges faced by broadcasters worldwide of continuing to operate radio services while pivoting staff to work from home. Designed for rapid and agile deployment either in Cloud or on-premises dira! Dimension facilitates remote audio editing professionally, securely and reliably

CGI presented at NAB 2022 Key up-to-the-minute case studies like:

  • Enabling the BBC to play a crucial role in combatting the spread of harmful vaccine misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. OpenMedia has achieved a generational change of the BBC’s newsroom system, empowering a story-centric approach that addresses the accelerated pace of major news stories and the ongoing challenge of fake news
  • Powering the digitization of South Africa’s national public broadcaster SABC with comprehensive rollout of dira! for new playout, production and music scheduling system. The proof of concept and subsequent implementation by CGI has achieved SABC’s goal to enable dira’s use throughout the company’s radio environment - from sales, sport, news and current affairs to education and drama.


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