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Clear-Com debuts HelixNet 3.0

Clear-Com debuts HelixNet 3.0

Clear-Com HelixNetVersion 3.0, a software-only update to the HelixNet digital network partyline (PL) platform, is making its U.S. debut at NAB 2016 on booth C6908. The new version allows current HelixNet operators to achieve a six-fold expansion in supporting more communication channels in live and recorded productions.

HelixNet 3.0 expands the system channel capacity of a single Main Station to 12 PL channels as an out-of-the-box standard configuration. For productions needing more communication links and customization, HelixNet can be expanded to a 24 PL channel system with a simple purchase of a firmware license.

HelixNet 3.0 is also highly customizable. In standard partyline systems, individual users need to accept the default user setting for all users. With Version 3.0, every user device has the ability to assign a role. A role is simply a label for a pre-defined configuration including channel assignment and audio parameters for a particular workflow.  The number of roles is virtually unlimited, and a role could be used by many devices in a workgroup, or a unique role could be assigned to an individual. Roles can be bypassed for independent device programming if desired.

An added feature is the ability to stack and/or expand Main Stations with Remote Stations or Remote Stations with Remote Stations allowing Stations to act as one user position when it comes to addressing all channels. A single headset or microphone could command an entire multiple-device HelixNet system.  It also allows the RMK (Remote Mic Kill) feature to affect ALL channels, not just the selected ones (as in previous versions.)

HelixNet 3.0 comes with a free browser-based software tool called Core Configuration Manager (CCM). This tool makes it easy to setup and configure all HelixNet devices online using the latest, most popular browsers running on Mac, PC and tablet platforms. The CCM displays and controls all connected devices, network settings and audio parameter functions on the screen, while the save/restore function allows quick duplication of systems. (4/16)


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