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CROATEL expands OB fleet

CROATEL expands OB fleet

Croatian company CROATEL has expanded its outside broadcast fleet to include a third van complete with high-definition cameras, switchers, routers and other live production solutions from Grass Valley. The basis of the workflow is a 3 ME Karrera Video Production Center switcher with control panel and compact K-Frame video processing engine.

With headquarters in Zagreb, CROATEL is a broadcast production and satellite services company. In order to expand the existing business, CROATEL now purchased a third OB van. Kapetanovic Sistemi, a reseller of Grass Valley, was supporting with equipment and expertise. The new vehicle called HD OB 3, will transmit coverage of international sports events like the UEFA Champions League.

At the center of HD OB 3’s nonlinear production workflow is Grass Valley’s 3 ME Karrera Video Production Center switcher with control panel and compact K-Frame video processing engine (photo). The software-based Karrera with K-Frame platform is built on a modular approach, making it easy to make future updates.

CROATEL purchased five additional Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite cameras. The vehicle is also equipped with a Densité modular system that includes six 3RU Densité 3 frames for signal processing and distribution, a Kaleido-Modular-Xmultiviewer, an NVISION 8140 HYBRID router with two NV920 controllers and additional compact routing equipment, two HD/SD master sync generators and a master sync changeover unit.

"We’ve been very happy with the performance of Grass Valley’s solutions, so it was an easy decision to select Grass Valley as our technology partner for the new van", said Tonko Barac, managing director of CROATEL. Said Bacho, senior vice president, EMEA, Grass Valley, added: "The production and satellite services that CROATEL provides put the region’s sporting and other events in the international spotlight. We look forward to collaborating with CROATEL to continuously enhance the experience of viewers around the world." (9/14)


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