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Dalet goes for Cloud agnostic Solutions
Dalet Flex for Teams provides metadata and asset management sophistication while reducing set-up complexity

Dalet goes for Cloud agnostic Solutions

At NAB 2022 Dalet announced Dalet Flex for Teams, its award-winning media logistics platform now offered as-a-service, fully hosted and maintained by Dalet. The new, multi-tenanted SaaS offering makes it easy for customers to get up and running quickly and scale as needed with control over budgets.

Highlights of Dalet Flex for Teams are:

  • Lowers The Cost of Entry to Pro Media Tools
  • The new SaaS offering lowers the cost of entry to professional tools for media companies, sports brands, and corporate creative teams, thanks to a multi-tenanted architecture that enables economies of scale.
  • Onboard Key Workflows Quickly
  • Proven, pre-configured workflows make it easy for customers to manage rich, multimedia content libraries; automate content distribution across traditional, digital, and social platforms; support a hybrid or remote workforce, and/or build a living archive. 
  • Can be up and running in a day. 
  • Offload Overhead to Dalet
  • With the infrastructure complexity and costs managed by Dalet, users can fully focus on their craft, creating amazing content and meeting their audience’s needs, while enjoying a much lower cost of entry. 
  • Focused on Customer Success

Over the past three years, Dalet has significantly expanded its internal resources to support its SaaS business model. New and expanded roles across security, customer enablement and community ensure an even better experience.

Available on a subscription basis with three plans - Essentials, Growth, Advanced - Dalet Flex for Teams brings all the convenience and affordability SaaS has to offer in an agile media logistics solution designed to support the fluid ebb and flow of creative collaboration. 

Dalet´s Robin Kirchhoffer explained: "Our new strategy is Cloud und Subscription first! This means a big transformation for us as well as for our cutomers."



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