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GENESIX VideoServer V7.5 Updates

GENESIX VideoServer V7.5 Updates

Austrian broadcast solutions expert Stryme announced new features in its flagship product, the GENESIX VideoServer V7.5, to simplify and speed up broadcasting.

Choosing IP over SDI comes with several advantages: IP supports the transport protocols ST 2022-6, ST 2022-7 and ST 2110. The dual SFP+ cages are equipped with 4 video inputs and 4 video outputs for multi-channel video I/O over 10 GbE. In short, IP simplifies infrastructure needs.

Further, the GENESIX VideoServer V7.5 comes complete with loudness normalization according to EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 recommendations.

AutoNaming lets you find the clips you need when you need them for editing, re-sequencing or post-production highlight cuts. Clips and camera settings are automatically named categorized in logically structured directories. Setting up and customizing individual user profiles is just as easy.

“At Stryme, we think ahead and carefully evaluate new developments before implementing them. That way, our customers receive a consistently superior product quality and a well-conceived, future-proof system that meets their needs – today and tomorrow. This is what state-of-the-art broadcasting, automation and control technology made by Stryme is all about”, says CEO Goce Zdravkoski. (6/17)


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